Oh my heavens, you all are in for a treat! Lots and lots of photos were taken the last few weeks of August and now you’re about to see them.

As for updates:

  • much repeating of words is happening – more words she says: “dah dee” = daddy; “da doo” = doctor; “ah dah” = all done; “puh poh” = purple; “guh goh” = water?; “ahm boo” = shampoo; chanting “she-ah” down the stairs = stair?; “beh bee” = baby; “cuk col” = cupcake; “go gul” = yogurt; “ak-da” = hot dog; “kuk” = dark; HI-E, BYE-E; “she she”/”ce ce” = Sadie; “mowah” = more
  • her favorite thing to say right now is “buh-bye” or “ah-buh-bye” and waves goodbye as she leaves something or someone. Cutest.
  • her words and actions are also very good at communicating what she wants; says a lot of recognizable words and points to help me figure out what she’s trying to say. She pulls me up if I’m sitting down and takes me to where she wants me to be – fridge for milk, book corner for reading time, etc. I’ll ask her “Do you want ____, yes or no?” and she’ll either shake her head no or she’ll nod yes. She knows how to communicate!
  • she babbles like she’s actually carrying on conversations with us – arm gestures and all (the cutest!)
  • talks to her toys in her crib conversationally, less squawking
  • running
  • still likes transporting things on her car (blankets, cups, toys)
  • also still loves playing with “toys” that have caps/lids (chapstick, USB flashdrive, toothpaste, pens, etc)
  • she has 12 teeth and is getting at least two canines
  • I will never understand the draw, but this kid (like every other kid) LOVES Elmo. Sigh.
  • says “Ehmo” for anything she wants, not just Elmo. Holds up her shoes because she wants them on…”Ehmo”. Wants milk? “Ehmo” etc.
  • loves to crawl underneath everything (and get stuck)

And now for the photos.

Water painting

Deck water painting

This face kills me.

Pure silliness.

Lunch break in the botanic gardens.

Toddler couch / Blanket for a hat / ADORABLE

{awkward} Sidewalk chalk road / It's not art if you don't get messy

THESE EYES / THAT FACE (sorry for yelling but come on! She's too adorable)

Her leafy branch wand.

Swatting mama (and Sadie) is the most fun of all.

Neighbor kids are fascinating / Neighbor's stone path is most excellent / They like me! They really like me!

Face smash kisses. (the best)

Chair fort / Self wedgie?

Un-wedge wedgie progression

Steppin' with daddy / Book hoarder / Sunday best

Off to Target!

Normal eating face / Another cute & funny smirk face / Sour grapes face (actually, they were raspberries)

{blurry} Blanket fort!

Progression of yogurt painting, part 1

Progression of yogurt painting, part 2

Helping daddy with the yardwork.

Such a cute helper (both of them!)

Wow. That took a lot of time (as did this post – oh my). I hope you appreciate all that I do for you.