Well the days are REALLY winding down, now – 7 more to go! A week! Or less! Still hoping for less but you just never know with babies. But this weekend would be perfect…Ryan’s parents just got into town so they will be around to watch Sonora when New Baby decides to make an appearance. I can’t believe we’ll be a family of FOUR soon! So excited.

This week’s pregnancy facts:

  • Cooler weather, rainy days this week have led me to the discovery that nearly every time it rains, the barometric pressure causes my body to react. Whether it’s more cramping or baby movement or soreness or pressure, it just feels different when it rains. And that’s one of the reasons why I think I felt the way I did a few weeks back when I went into the hospital – it was storming and my body was acting cray cray.
  • It was extra chilly one day this week and I wore my heavier jean maternity crop pants (because Sadie ATE MY AWESOME SUMMER PINK MATERNITY CAPRIS) but they are a little too tight and the whole day they did the opposite of my support band – they pushed the baby down. I actually thought this was an excellent strategy. Too bad it warmed up again and I couldn’t continue to wear them…
  • But I stopped wearing my support band in order to promote downward movement.
  • I’m not as sore or uncomfortable as I have been lately so I’m hoping that means baby is coming soon! That’s what they say, anyway.

I’m hoping not to make it to my next doctor appointment on New Baby’s due date, but we’ll see! Send good labor thoughts my way to help things along, will you? He he.