Not much to report this week except for we were super busy bringing meals to friends, having the inlaws stay with us one more time before New Baby is born, and helping friends move. PHEW. It was exhausting. Which is probably why I’ve taken on a perma-puffy eyed, just-woke-up-from-a-deep-sleep look lately. Either that or it’s because I still don;t go to bed at a proper time. Just trying to maximize all the free time I have until I am getting only 4 hours of broken sleep a night. You know.

This week’s pregnancy facts:

  • Major bladder kicker and sciatic nerve bother-er. So much on-and-off shocking nerve pain making me look like an idiot with all my flinching and gasping. Glamorous.
  • And don’t forget about me having the world’s puffiest feet. So much so that Sonora said, “puffy feet wike Mommy!” for some reason and a friend gasped at the sight of them. I am a vision.
  • On the plus side…Ryan gave me THE MOST GLORIOUS foot massage in the world one night. It took some convincing because he didn’t want to hit any pressure points that would induce labor but man, when he finally agreed…it was like I was floating on the biggest puffy clouds while eating chocolate lava cake and sleeping the deepest sleep all at once. That good.
  • Did I mention it was 45 minutes long? I married waaaaaaaay up.
  • I finally designed/laid out artwork for baby’s room (how frames & such will be on the walls) and I think it’s going to look really cute. I plan to have New Baby sleep in the Pack N Play bassinet next to my bed like I did with Sonora so there is no pressure for me to hurry on the decor, but now I’m feeling like I just want to Get It All Done Right Now. Nesting. Hard.
  • A lot of little things/baby comments are annoying me lately (hormones) but all I truly care about is a healthy baby. Nothing else matters.
  • At my 38-week dr appt I decided not to get a cervical check since it means pretty much nothing anyway. I feel good about this decision because last time I got too excited too early. I’m totally chill about when this baby gets here.
  • For a while I wasn’t sure, but I can say this week that I believe I’ve officially dropped based on the new & lower location of my belly button.

Well, that’s all she wrote.