This is it! Now that this week is complete, I’m officially FULL-TERM – woo hoo!!

This week’s pregnancy facts:

  • Did the labor & delivery walk of shame one night this week after finding out baby wasn’t coming early (good – too early) but was, in fact, dehydrated.
  • So if you need me, I’ll be relaxing in the tub surrounded by a thousand glasses of ice water for the next three weeks.
  • Here are the basics: I was 36w3d when we went in. After tweeting with some online friends then texting some real-life friends, I called an on-call nurse and explained my suspicious symptoms who told me to go to the hospital and basically explained how to give birth in a car. Um. Well, that’s one way to freak a pregnant lady out. I knew it wasn’t full on labor, but the pains I was having and the pressure I was feeling were MUCH different than usual. It felt like how I felt a few hours before my water broke with Sonora. But seeing as I have pregnancy insomnia, I could’ve been wrong about that, too. BUT…it’s never too safe to get things checked out. As it turned out, it was just uterine irritation from being dehydrated. Oops.
  • And that is why you have your bags packed, people.
  • Because of that, we had a trial run with childcare for Sonora and it was a little chaotic. Meg and Greg were over at their parents’ house (our neighbors) planning their baby shower for the next day and we frantically dropped Sonora off there to hang out with them while also calling another friend to see if she could be our back-up plan. Sonora ended up staying at the McDowells from 9-11:30pm while we were at the hospital. They didn’t mind because they are wonderful people, but I felt terrible for adding extra chaos on their baby shower eve.
  • Lesson for actual labor: well, none. There wasn’t much we could do differently because you can’t really plan these things. Plus, our neighbors and a couple friends reassured us we could call anytime, day or night, and they would take Sonora or come over. We have great people in our lives.
  • Not only did I wake up with major cankles one day, but there was a divet on my left shin from swelling weirdness. A DENT in my leg.
  • Either I’m just used to this baby sitting incredibly low or I haven’t dropped like I thought. I feel like a rookie. No memory of things.

Well, baby can come anytime now that I’m full-term! But honestly, I’m still doing just fine and want New Baby to cook as long as possible. Sonora was a great baby and she was three days late so even though part of me wants an early baby for family reasons (I want Ryan here for more than a week!), I still believe the longer the better. Right now I have the best home for him/her so I just need to be patient. And also, baby feels SUPER content in there. My babies really seem to like me.