As an intro to this week, I’ll have you know that this summer has not been as Horribly Awful as I feared. Our evaporative cooler (Colorado’s alternative to a/c) is actually cranking out some really cold air, so much so that I have to ask Ryan to turn it off sometimes because I get chilly. Also, the heat isn’t as bad as it was last summer so it’s been really tolerable to be out and about with Sonora and continue to do our morning activities. Thank heavens! Just wanted you to know that I’m surviving after all, ha!

Here’s my not-too-hot super basketball-y belly.

This week’s pregnancy facts:

  • I’m not afraid to wear short shorts.
  • I went into the doctor last Friday for an early 36-week appointment because of the cramping I mentioned last week. They wanted to make sure I wasn’t having signs of pre-term labor. As it turns out, baby and I both look good! Doctor said I’m already 60% effaced (no dilation) but that’s common for second babies. She doesn’t have any reason to think New Baby will come early but said they wouldn’t stop labor if it started at this point. Eep!
  • I doubt I’ll go early and I’m trying to imagine going late just so I don’t go crazy like last time.
  • However, with the amount of times I climb stairs and do squats to pick toys/food/clothes/jewelry off the floor, I’m pretty sure I’m squishing him/her out. Not a bad plan.
  • I’m not at the point where I’m DONE with being pregnant and still feel pretty good despite general discomfort. My energy is back up and like I said before, I’m still spry enough to get out and about with Sonora…even without Ryan. But gimme two weeks and I’ll probably be ready, heh.
  • Um, 28 more days. CAH-RA-ZEE.

That is all.