I’m 34 weeks! And it’s significant for me because it’s the week a friend lost her baby – stillborn at 33 weeks, 5 days. I cannot imagine the heartbreak and hormonal/emotional/mental/physical junk that comes with it. So needless to say, I am VERY grateful for a healthy pregnancy and super active baby despite some of the soreness and discomfort that comes with the third trimester. I have learned to take nothing for granted – every move New Baby makes is reassuring and just making it another week is a huge blessing. I know I’ve mentioned that I want him/her to come early but obviously not TOO early. Baby can have all the time he/she needs!

Anyway, who wants to see more stripes? That’s what I thought.

This week’s pregnancy facts:

  • Couple facts from my Pregnancy Journal book: 1) Amniotic fluid has reached its maximum so no more floating baby!
  • And, 2) New Baby’s eyes are opening during the alert times of his/her daily cycle and closing when he/she sleeps. How cute.
  • Ryan gives me 45-minute massages regularly with professional lotion and everything. Clearly I won the jackpot of husbands.
  • I haven’t gained a pound, according to my scale anyway, despite my lack of effort in watching what I eat. Turns out I can eat what I want, doc.
  • We got to see a day-old baby and Sonora LOVED him. She kept saying “tiny feet” and “baby Ewi (Eli) so tiny.” She’s gonna do great as a big sister.
  • “Hi baby! Are you in dere?” – toddler conversation with my belly
  • I have sausages for toes already. I am not pleased with this latest development.

Until next week,