Well I didn’t get around to posting daily life photos yet so I guess we’ll see if that will happen THIS weekend instead. (you see? this is why I can’t keep up the blog after New Baby comes!)

So anyway, hey…I’M IN MY THIRD TRIMESTER!!! How did this happen??!!

This week’s pregnancy facts/randomness:

  • Now that I’m in the final leg, I’m officially “that pregnant lady” who moans and groans with every move. Awesome!
  • I’m starting to get less and less sleep in preparation for the baby due to pee breaks, baby kicks, hip pain and bedmates’ movements. But here’s the thing…I don’t need practice. I remember the fatigue with Sonora, so thanks anyway! Now let me sleep, body.
  • Don’t expect me to clean (as if I had been anyway, hahahahaha!)
  • I don’t move fast, unless I’m REALLY motivated. (ie. getting the last bowl of ice cream)
  • Give me all the food.

Nothing really new to report. Just trucking along and excited to have Ryan home in a couple weeks for the entire summer. Besides having a full-time playmate, we have a lot to get done.

And is it so wrong that I want New Baby to come one week early (and hopefully with 3 less hours of pushing…) so that Ryan can have two full weeks with us before he has to head back to school? Whatever is best for the baby, obviously, but that would be pretty sweet. I’m sure once July hits I’ll be wishing the baby was here a MONTH early, ha. Oh these last three months are going to be killer.

Eager with anticipation!