Well we are having a lovely winter this spring. Yet another snow storm hit, producing another 8″ snowfall. Two large snowfalls in the matter of a week with beautiful 70-degree weather in between. This spring has been very schizophrenic. We literally spent the weekend in t-shirts and shorts/capris and a couple days later it was snow boots and winter coats. Silly Colorado (and entire U.S., really).

Anyway, so that little tidbit was basically to introduce yet another maternity shot with me wearing a sweater instead of spring attire. Sheesh.

This week’s pregnancy facts:

  • Like I said in my journal, I hope this bi-polar weather means it will be a mild summer because this pregnant lady is already getting hot flashes.
  • Speaking of weather, I skipped a fundraising walk in perfectly gorgeous weather on Saturday because I was so sore and tired from the previous night’s fetal activity. Oy. See also:
  • Braaaaaxton HICKS —-> that’s how I say it in my head when they are happening. Because ow. They are crampy little buggers. I didn’t get BH contractions until I was past my 30th week with Sonora. Slow down, little one! We’ve got quite a bit of baking time yet.
  • This was something my pregnancy journal said about this week: “Avoid butter, fried foods, high-calorie snacks and sauces, and rich desserts” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! My pregnancy journal is hilarious.
  • Oh and if you missed it in the journal, I got my first pre-natal massage this week!!! Notice I said first. Because immediately after I got it, I scheduled another one for mid-May. Hey, it’s at a student clinic so it’s only $28. I plan to enjoy one every month (at least) until this baby is born.
  • I also just scheduled my $22 mani/pedi Groupon. Unfortunately the earliest I could get in was July 2. Absurd, but will actually be very nice to get a pedicure a month before I’m due. Ahhhhh.
  • I use my belly for a shelf on a regular basis now.

I have some photos from this week/weekend that I’ll try to post soon but for now…that’s all, folks.