Wow. We’ve hit another milestone week – glucose test week…fun, fun! Not.

Well, actually it wasn’t that bad. I remember it being kind of horrible with Sonora because they made me fast in the morning before I drank that orange syrup and I felt faint, puke-y and ST-A-R-VING. But I guess they’ve loosened up a bit because I ate normally and even got to drink water during the 1-hour wait. Not as traumatizing as last time.

Anyway, here’s da belly.

This week’s pregnancy facts:

  • As you can tell from my outfit, it got cold again after the weekend and on Monday we got dumped on – 11 inches of snow. In mid-April. Pretty, but no thanks.
  • I went thrifting one more time on Saturday for baby clothes (I bought a few boy sleepers…just in case) making it my 7th shopping trip to ARC for this month already. Someone please fix me.
  • That night, Ryan and I had a REAL date night – we dressed up all fancy and went downtown to a fundraising gala to benefit special education. He had won $200 tickets to the event around Christmastime so we wined and dined all night – for free. Boom. The very best way to have a date. And New Baby enjoyed having seconds of every hors d’oeuvres. Nom nom.
  • At the gala was the first time I understood what it was like to be Santa. With every laugh I did, my belly bounced like a bowl full of jelly. I could almost hear myself saying “ho, ho, ho!” I felt really awkward, like people could see it bounce, but I’m sure it was just in my head (I hope).
  • On more baby related news…squee is injuring me. I feel bruised on the inside. But honestly? I don’t mind at all. It’s a great reminder of that sweet little life growing, growing, growing inside me.
  • But speaking of pain, my lower back is sore, too. I just scheduled a massage at the student clinic down the road for the end of the month. I only wish it would’ve been for tomorrow. I cannot wait.
  • As for food, veggie pitas have been my craving this week. I’m glad squee has gotten a bit more healthy.

And that’s a wrap. For now.