Baby is a’moving and a’shaking! Like my journal says, it feels like squee is playing the bongo drums. Right side: bong. Left side: bong. Right side: bong. Always in threes. More like this: bongbongbong (leftrightleft). It makes me laugh.

Here is the photo…more stripes!

This week’s pregnancy facts:

  • I chose an orange balloon this week to match my coral/orange nails…but you can’t really see them. Sad.
  • I’m eating far too many sweets this pregnancy (again). Not that the doctors have yelled at me or anything, but it’s obvious that this baby is getting a lot of processed sugar from my cravings. I need to control myself. But chocolate ice cream and candy are SO GOOD.
  • New Baby has a pretty regular sleep cycle now from what sources tell me and from what I can tell myself. Squee likes to start banging around in there around 10-11am, sometimes as late as noon and then starts back up around dinner time. Then again in the later hours of the night, around 10-11pm. It’s pretty cute to be able to predict when I’ll start to feel him/her.
  • Two days ago I asked my online peeps what they recommended for double strollers since it’s about time to start thinking about one. The very next day (yesterday) I found a double stroller that a good friend of mine and I had JUST been talking about – the Joovy Caboose, a sit and stand double stroller with infant carseat attachment – FOR ONLY FORTY DOLLARS!!! (they are $150-250) I immediately snatched it up and Sonora even rode around the whole store in it while I picked up a few more items to reach $50 so that I could use a $20 off coupon. With my $20 off $50 coupon, I ended up getting the stroller, 3 cute white ceramic bowls and a bag of party favors for only $31.00! I am still amazed. As weird as it sounds to say a stroller was totally a God thing, it really was. We didn’t want to spend more than $100 on another stroller and a nice one in good condition for under $100 is very hard to come by. That I just *happened* to stop at that particular thrift store on that particular day was not an accident!
  • Related: I don’t know what my life was before thrifting. It was so empty.
  • In summary of this week’s pregnancy facts – I am a candy and thrift store junkie. Addicted.

On a different note, I will try to get some photos of Sonora babe up here over the weekend because I have some cute Easter shots as well as from daily life. I haven’t made any more progress with my 2012 photo book yet so I figure maybe if I sit down and work on those photos I will feel inspired to post some from April here, too. We shall see…