Hopefully you haven’t missed the past couple posts. If you did, you should clickity-click on over to check out the photos.

But here’s what happened this week with New Baby:

This week’s pregnancy facts:

  • As you can tell if you read the journal above, a lot changed in one week…as far as adventures go, that is. Last week I said how unmotivated I was to get out and about and yet this week we went traipsing all over the place. Silly me. Guess I can’t blame the pregnancy for everything. But I will say that it was an unusually gorgeous and warm winter weekend (see?) and then on Monday it got cold again. So we had to enjoy the sun while it lasted!
  • I actually don’t look so gigantic anymore which is good but also a little weird since I popped so much so early on that I got used to being large and in charge. It feels like I stopped growing a bit. But that’s not what the scale says…
  • I officially got my first stretch marks – around my belly button. Which, did I mention that it’s nearly flat already? Belly buttons are weird.
  • Yesterday I watched an Arby’s commercial for 2 for $4 fish sandwiches and immediately HAD to go out and get them. I never get fish sandwiches. Plus, it was only 3:30 when this particular craving struck. And of course I ate both that night. Nom nom.
  • My next appointment is on March 4 and since it’s a new doctor under our new insurance I think they said they will do an ultrasound. I am so excited to see this little one again!

So my parents and brother are coming next weekend! I am very excited and have a lot of ideas for what we’ll do while they’re here. And maybe Ryan and I will even be able to go out on a real date – woo!