It’s that time again! I love doing a photo series for my babies because it’s such an incredible journey – for both of us – as we grow together. Sappy, I know. But it’s true. It’s such a miracle and so much fun to document.

I don’t hate much about pregnancy, except for the throwing up and all day nausea part. And the fatigue. Some days those can get a little old especially when managing a toddler. BUT. I have learned over the course of my tests and trials in my recent losses that I need to be thankful IN EVERYTHING. We are guaranteed nothing in this world so I need to make the best out of everything and let my focus be on God’s provisions and blessings, even through suffering.

My attitude has changed a lot since getting pregnant with my first “non-baby” back in March of 2012 (wow, almost a year ago) then losing it in May, and all over again July through September (I had two blighted ovum pregnancies, if you care to look it up). It was a whole year of ups and downs for us, in many different aspects, but those being the most significant for me personally. I feel like I have grown in faith a lot and have really been trying to practice gratitude. Looking back, it was important for me to go through those struggles in order to become closer to God and realize that I am on a path that He chose specifically for me. As I’m learning in BSF, God works in impossible situations, in His time but always with our best interest in mind. He sees the bigger picture!

ANYway…onto the first photo! I actually started at Week 13 instead of Week 12 with this wee one simply because I wanted to wait until my second doctor’s appointment. And also because I hadn’t really had inspiration – or the energy – for the series until this week. So sorry, New Baby, you get at least one less week in your maternity book – already the second child, oh dear, haha. (I’m actually hoping for at least one less week at the end, too! please!!! 41 weeks is too many, he he)

This week’s pregnancy facts:

  • My waist is measuring the same as it did at 23 weeks with Sonora. What the what. Friends say this is probably just bloating/muscle memory but I’ve been measuring 10 weeks ahead since Week 8. It’s weirding me out a little.
  • That’s a BALLOON in the photo, not an egg. I realized after the shoot that my balloon color choice – to match my clothes – and size made it look egg-like. Whatever. Which, by the way, these were already re-shot because my good friend in IL, Ashley, gave me the idea for doing balloons AFTER I’d taken some photos already so I had to go out and buy some. So needless to say, I was DONE WITH THE PHOTOS. Heh.
  • I craved a Taco Bell taco at 4am one night but I refrained and ate saltines instead because I am somewhat smart.
  • I had lost a couple pounds from my 12-hour illness (the nausea actually extended from Saturday night until Monday night) but obviously regained my full frame by Wednesday. I think I’m just destined to be more huge this time around. Lovely.
  • I started sleeping with a pillow between my legs around 7 weeks or so. Sad, I know. I’m sure I’ll have four again in no time.
  • The other day my friend accused me of waddling like a pregnant lady. She was not wrong.
  • I just put on my maternity jeans for the first time today. It’s a slippery slope.

Happy February and Happy Friday!