I made a bold move here by going with a watermelon for this past week’s shoot. But we figured since Baby H is currently this size and will basically stay this size until birth, I may as well go for it. Because really, this kid could come any time now. And if not now, then when? I have to have a photo with a watermelon – it’s practically required. Besides, I have some ideas for the next two week’s shoots for the “grand finale” if the little nugget doesn’t come by the end of this week. (that was really weird/exciting to write…eek!)

So here we are.

Honestly, I don’t think I can get any bigger. I’m stretched and pulled to the max and can literally hear my bones creaking like an old staircase. Quite frankly, it’s disturbing.

But our bodies are amazing creations and can do some crazy things. I’m a bit nervous for the delivery, but know I can pull it off.

Really in the home stretch now…