All right. Time to take a breather. These last two weeks have been an adjustment to my somewhat relaxed unemployment schedule as a SAHW (stay at home wife). Going from hardly working and business development to having four part-time jobs and also attending our weeknight small groups to maintain our social life became a bit chaotic, and also made my blogging a little slow. I know you’re rolling your eyes and thinking “oh brother” or “welcome back to the real world,” but come on…it’s been a while since I’ve had a job other than Signify, so give me a break. Now when will I be able to do all my errand running, dog walking and house cleaning? Oh, the complications (haha).

Anyway, let me tell you the about my recent employment in case you’re not quite sure what’s transpired over the last few weeks or what my roles are.

IMG_9634At the beginning of February I began working with the after school kiddos at Free Horizon Montessori where every Tuesday and Thursday I get to show 5-6 young lads and missies how to make creative clay creatures (you remember my love of alliteration, right?) like the one on the left.

Then last week Wednesday I started working for TallGrass spa in guest relations. I’ve been training all week this week, starting at 7:30am (meaning my alarm is set for 5:30am), and had my first “real” day today. My regular schedule will be Wednesday, Friday (until 8:30pm close), Saturday and occasional Mondays. The weekend hours are not the greatest with Ryan’s work schedule and our weekend excursions, but we’ll make it work for at least a few months until I get more clout. Did I mention with this job I get major spa/salon service discounts? Awesome.

And I’m also still doing my thing with Signify – just finished up a web design project and a postcard mailer, and will be working on a publication starting in March. Oh, and a meeting with a potential client is scheduled for next week. So there’s been some good business so far in 2010!

What’s more…on top of those jobs, there came a new development which I mentioned in my last post. I had a meeting last week with a PR executive and because of my fabulous Golden blog, got offered a part-time freelance position as an account level public relations person! I’ll get a few hours of work every couple weeks that will not only help build my résumé, but will also bring in some more money. And I will be invited to some blogger events – nice! AND…I’ve also been asked to provide a couple web proposals through Signify. A trifecta of goodness! Or…three for the price of one! Or even…a marketing triple axel! Okay, that’s enough.

Anyway, pretty cool, right? I think so. Because now I’ve got two jobs where I can work from home and two jobs where I can get out and work with people, in person. A great combo of talents and a good techy/social balance.

So that’s the job situation. And so far, so good! Again, thanks for all your prayers and support. They definitely worked!