Well hello! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We just got back from the Midwest this week so I’m just popping in to say hi just so you don’t think I’ve totally disappeared. You see, Ryan’s family visited us the week before Christmas and we’ve been gone since the day before Christmas (get that…THREE WEEKS of Christmas break) so I need a few days just to do nothing. But I’ll have much to report once we’re totally settled in and once all the photos are downloaded. Lots of baby updates – including TWO month-day posts – and Christmas chaos.

In the meantime, I have an update on my list of “to-dos” for 2011. I was about 50% successful if you count the “sort ofs.” Heh. Enjoy!

Daily devotions. I don’t want to talk about it.

Devote more time to productivity, less time to time-wasting activities on the Internet. Well, I joined Twitter shortly after writing this which wasn’t exactly UN-productive since it really helped out with all sorts of mama/baby questions buuuuut I did do a lot of chatting, too. Granted, it was mostly while breastfeeding and heaven knows in the beginning that’s ALL. THE. TIME. But still. In October I realized I’d averaged 1,000 tweets a month. Ummm yeah. Like I said, not unproductive, but not really what I was intending. In related news though, I blogged and Facebook-stalked less and worked more! So there’s that.

Go on real dates with Ryan at least once a month. Real dates didn’t really happen, but not because of the baby. Mostly because of Ryan’s school and having a new house to work on. Oh, and money that we don’t have a lot of.

Continue to be active. Yep. It happened. I rock at doing things.

Be more intentional with my photography and hone my photography skills. I did allllll right. Not quite what I was hoping for but I at least read up and practiced a bit more than usual. I’m still not where I want to be but that’s more of a motivation issue in general, not limited to photography.

Grow my business. I did it! I had a TON of work this year. This summer brought in a bunch of new clients as well as a bunch of new projects from a few of my “regulars”. It was an amazing year.

Draw something. Guess I should have reviewed my goals more throughout the year. I didn’t even remember this one. But also…where would I find the time?? Fine art isn’t quick.

Be more crafty. Well this one didn’t really happen. Even though I could have found the time amidst the busy I still like vegging out better. Plus, why do I need more stuff?

Take a trip. Obviously we managed this one and more. Several trips to the Midwest plus a detour to South Dakota made this easy peasy. We didn’t make it out of the country…yet.

Future goals beyond 2011:

Own a house. Holla! Totally didn’t think this one would happen so soon but it all worked out. So happy with our house…it’s finally looking more and more like the way we want it. And YES for the love of Pete, I will try my hardest to get some photos up. I keep changing furniture in the rooms around and adding/removing decorations so I feel like it always looks different but I do need to put some more comparison shots up. Guess that will be on my 2012 To Do list, ha.
- Go back to Hawaii and Europe (this time including Ireland and England). Money’s especially tight right now so this is still in our future. Probably 5-year plan.
- Create Montessori-like activities for little Hart. This and dog-earing magazines and finding ideas online is happening.
- Become a teacher. I’m actually not so sure about this one anymore. Ryan’s in school now for Special Education and I think I might wait to see how things go for him. I know that sounds lame but for me it makes sense. Don’t judge. Also, I’m a little interested in home schooling…but not something I’ve really seriously considered just yet. Just an idea.

Next up…some goals for 2012.