I’ve got this last post in me before I leave the toddler games alone for a while. I plan to use this post as a “catch all” for any games that I missed or that we add to our list over the next couple months so feel free to check back (I’ll try to link back in future posts if I add any). In case you missed them, you can just click on my Momlife category and work your way backwards.

But anyway, here are some other fun games/activities we play that I almost forgot to mention.

BUBBLES: How could I almost forget this one?? This girl loves her bubbles. She’s been attempting to use them properly for months now but mostly she still just “blows” (sucks) on the wand and spills the soapy water everywhere. Okay, she does actually blow on the wand to try to get a bubble out but since she holds it so close to her lips or if she doesn’t blow hard enough, it’s not very effective. But it does give her something to play with for a long time. Lately she’s just been watching me blow the bubbles so she can pop them. This game could go on for hours.

Forts: Blanket forts, need I say more? A crawly, peeky, sweaty good time. We’ve only done it a few times this summer because it gets SO HOT so hopefully this is a game that we’ll pick up more in the colder weather.

Spicy toothpicks: This game I discovered on Pinterest but it actually only worked for a day so I’m not even sure I should include it because now she just carries it around with her and sucks on the toothpicks or scatters them around the house. ANYWAY, what is is: an old spice container that has a closeable lid with holes in the top when open that you fill with toothpicks. I put 10 toothpicks in (a number that is easy to keep track of) while she was watching and then shook them out again. Then it was her turn to put them in and shake them out; step and repeat. She’s a quick study and she enjoyed this game for about 10 minutes before she just decided to chew them and spread them around the living room like the little mess maker she is.

Wash the dishes/water play: I used to have her do this activity before she got a water table from her grandparents this summer. It’s basically the same idea. I fill a few bowls with water, put some utensils and cups nearby and place them on a beach towel for her to play with in the water. It also kind of mimics washing the dishes so I figure she’s learning more than just how to make a watery mess, haha.

Pot stirrer: If I’m in the kitchen and she’s getting all up in my business, I’ll either have her help me with whatever I’m doing at the time or I’ll set out a bowl/pot with something in it for her to stir. This is usually an okay activity except for the other day when I put a bunch of Kix in there and then found a trail of Kix leading from the giant, dusty pile she left in the kitchen, through the breakfast area and all the way up the stairs. Hm.

Ride ‘em cowgirl: The other day Sonora was using a meat tenderizer/mallet as a stick pony. And what was more weird that her riding choice was that at her 18-month doctor visit, the nurse asked if we had a stick pony because this was the age where they loved it (we don’t but I planned to get her a broom for dual purposes, heh). And literally that same day – not but a few hours later – she decided to make her own. I don’t even know. It’s like she’s a genius or something.

Enclosure encounter: I almost forgot about this game. We haven’t had the dog crate upstairs anymore due to crazy-nighttime-yipping-dog (what is her problem??) so she’s been relegated to the basement guest room dwelling. But I brought it back upstairs before our guests came to stay with us (thereby kicking Sadie out of their room) and within 30 seconds Sonora was already inside. She’s played in it before but now she’s made it even more extreme – she wants to be fully inside with the door CLOSED. Shrieks when it doesn’t stay closed. We locked her in once but she didn’t really appreciate that much, heh. She also likes to take every object she can into it. Blanket, food, toys, etc. I’ve even resorted to feeding her food (which she’s been refusing lately) by calling it “doggie food.” I consider that a parenting win for creativity. So yeah. Dog crates. Who knew?

Okay well that’s a wrap! I hope another parent is able to glean some ideas from my lists. It’s always helpful to get more ideas on the days where you’re running low.

Play smarter, not harder,