Last week (November 23 to be exact) marked the anniversary of the start of our life here in Colorado. Can you believe we’ve lived here for three years already??

Actually, I can. Because we’ve had some full living out here and it actually seems like we’ve been here longer.

2010 was full of fun/friend/jobs/outdoor/traveling/PREGNANCY adventure.

2011 was full of fun/friend/pregnancy/moving/house/freelance/outdoor/traveling/BABY adventure.

And 2012 has been full of fun/friend/house/freelance/outdoor/traveling/family reunions/faith journey/TODDLER adventure.

Each year just keeps building and building with more awesome. I hope you’ve liked reading about our adventures and things from my brain (ha) over the past three years! More of that to come.

And now I’ll leave you with simply stunning photos that my friend, Amanda, took of a few of the fall sunsets here.

This one is my favorite.

(This one was actually from the Visit Denver FB page)

This sunset was from the other night and it turned everything red. It was amazing. So glad she got this shot and let me steal it for myself, heh.

I can't handle the beauty. Second favorite for sure.

Next up…Ehmo, Thanksgiving and a belated Sunday photostrip.