I’m a bit behind so today is a bonus double feature post! Things I’ve Said This Week (ahem, actually from last week) AND photos from the past couple weeks. What’s more, I actually have photo documentation for a lot of my sayings. Yes, I’m just that awesome.

  • “Good walking! Oh, wait…watch out for that doggie poop.”

  • “Kick Mama in the face!” – on the swing. it’s the thing that makes her giggle super hard so OF COURSE

  • “Babe, let me peel the cutie before you try to eat it”
  • “Oh, I see you tried to use your spoon. Nice beard.”

  • “Here is mama’s Starbucks for you.” {spoiler alert…it’s water}

  • {within a matter of seconds} “Kisses to the baby!” “Ouch, no pinching.” “Aww, kisses!”
  • “Well that’s what you get when you put underwear on your head” – angry when she got it caught around her neck

  • “BUUNNS! Baby buns! Bare buns baby!” – standard changing table chatter
  • “No no dog food, yes yes people food” – after catching her trying to eat dog food…again; modeled after the No No Yes Yes book
  • “Eating out of cupcake cups is fun!”

  • {laughing to Ryan} “Sonora just figured out how to turn off the power to my computer”
  • “Do you want to have the goat sleep in your crib?”
  • “Come sit by the Mama and watch the monsters” (Monsters, Inc.)

And here are just some random cute shots around the house as well as photos of our time visiting the farm animals at Littleton Museum on Wednesday and again on Friday.

Baby goes boom

This is one of my favorites of Sonora's summer outfits.

Busy reading.

Looking cute and sitting like her daddy used to.

Meeting some donkeys.

"Whoa! These donkeys are crazy cool!"

Too cool for the donkeys.

Sheep creeper.

With her pal, Davis, checking out the chickens.

There is that crazy donkey again.

More sheep creeping.

Next up…Sunday photostrip.