All right, so in my last post I didn’t talk much about our little golden nugget or the details about my pregnancy thus far because I felt I had some explaining to do regarding life. So now here’s the skinny on what’s up with me, my feelings and my body.

First of all…is this real? It still doesn’t seem to be. It’s hard to believe that there is a little “mini us” growing inside me. Well, except for the dreaded and ever lurking morning sickness that cripples me every morning, some days worse than others, making me fully aware of a tiny being stealing all my energy and nourishment. And the fact that I actually go to bed at a reasonable hour now – most times before 10pm– amazing! Oh, and the fact my body is changing and growing in places I’m not so sure I’ll ever quite get used to – I’ve always been a little weirded out by the alien belly. However, it’s way more fascinating now that it’s my own body. More on that later.

But as far as morning sickness…I’ve found ways to prevent the utilization of the porcelain basins nearby – hallelujah. However, on the days when it’s worse, I like to moan and groan while I’m suffering in bed, pitying myself and my pathetic condition, crying out “you did this to me!” and pointing my finger in Ryan’s general direction. He, in turn, responds with “well, then you shouldn’t have eaten the apple.” Neither accusations are serious, of course. But I still like him to know how fragile I am. And obviously we both agree all the sickness and discomfort be worth it – it already is, because it means our baby is healthy and getting stronger every day.

Now back to my body. Since I’m now obsessed with tracking my growth and development, I’ve discovered that Baby H is now considered a fetus and is over an inch long – the size of a prune! Not only that, but the fingernails, toenails and hair will start to appear this week – crazy! I’ve also been monitoring my weight (thanks to The Pregnancy Journal that a good friend got me) and have gained six pounds and at least two inches (I didn’t track my waist size right away so I may have grown even more). And of course, I’ve already been taking a few belly photos, though the “official” maternity photos won’t start until my second trimester. So to compare…

1) Just a normal belly to... 2) Pooch!

Yep, it’s official – I can’t button my pants anymore. My pelvic region is a little thicker than before and you can kinda see that I’m getting a little honky tonk badonkadonk. Time for the belly band!

It’s exciting to see these little changes. When I first found out, I really thought I was already showing but it’s pretty clear after looking at the side-by-side that I’m just now popping out.

Well, I’ll wait to share more until my second ultrasound this Friday. I’m so anxious to see what our little nugget looks like now! Oh, but just to forewarn everyone reading this – I’m not sure that this will turn into a pregnancy blog, even though that’s all I really care to write to about now. I still like the idea of writing about our little adventures…even if they’re in Lakewood. I’m considering changing the title to read, “Living in Lakewood, Heart in Golden.” Thoughts?

Well anyway, I’ll be reflecting on our time in Golden in the next post…so stay tuned.

Carrying on with a little more weight than usual,