I fail.

I realized this morning that I’ve been avoiding my blog because I have a sudden disinterest in it and I discovered that it’s because of my 365 project/Daily Discoveries. That I JUST started doing. Hmm.

The thing is, I started it to get inspired to go out and take photos each day and as a way to reflect on the week, hopefully getting better and more creative as I go. But only getting halfway through last week, it had already started feeling like a chore. I looked at the photos from last week and the ones I’d taken this past week and was completely bored by them. They aren’t interesting and they’re not even a good representation of experimenting with my camera – they’re actually kind of lame. I’m just taking them to take them, which is totally not the point. Plus, most days I end up forgetting and either hurriedly take a photo of something or forget and actually double up – taking two photos in one day, pretending I took them on separate occasions. GASP!

See how much of a loser I am? I’m even trying to trick you guys.

Want to hear more? I’m even extremely bored with my “daily discoveries.” I think it’s more inspiring to write when I feel the urge rather than try to force it on myself. Both projects feel too rigid somehow. Not to mention it’s Monday and I would have been late on the post anyway. *sigh* I am lame.

So I’ve decided to be done. After only a week.

Yes, as I said before, I fail.

BUT, at least now I feel freedom to write whatever I want and not burdened with another “task” each day. I need to find a different way to do this – a way that’s fun and challenges me more, rather than just frustrating me. Maybe I’ll just do a “best of” at sporadic times, or for the month. I dunno yet. But either way, just know that I’d like to enjoy my blog. So even though I’m a failure and quitter and loser, at least I’ll be happy.

No more rules or deadlines. That’s not a good way to promote creativity. Don’t tell me what to do.


ps. i still need to create a header. THIS is something i want to do so i’ll see what i can do to remedy that this week. but no promises.