All right, so I had this whole long post spilling my guts about this thing that I’ve been struggling with as a budding entrepreneur and mom-to-be, but I decided to scratch it and write this instead. It had gotten too long-winded and I just couldn’t get it right. Plus, when I read parts of it to Ryan, he asked me if I was sad.


That’s definitely NOT what I was going for.

So here’s what I’ve got instead.

Sometimes I want to be wildly successful and totally go crazy marketing and promoting Signify as well as dive into photography more. I see other creative friends around me accomplishing so much and it motivates me to do more and be more. But sometimes I want to…not. Lately it’s been the latter. Even my energy toward my “dabbling” (travel writing & PR) has dwindled.

And I’m sure much of this attitude is because a) I am 7 months pregnant and exhausted as it is and, b) I know my world will totally change once the little one gets here.

But I don’t want to lose sight of my professional goals. I mean, I really don’t have high expectations for myself or Signify – just that I continue to get work and make some extra money. It’s not a lot to ask, right? I don’t need to be so busy my face falls off and obviously while more money is always helpful, I’d rather not be stressed or have to put in super long hours in order to obtain that. I don’t want two full-time jobs. And the nice thing – being my own boss and having such a supportive husband – is that I can make that choice.

I don’t really know where this is going except that maybe I’m looking for some reassurance that it’s okay to chill out a bit. Not worry that I’m not doing enough for my business because I’ll have enough on my plate in two months.

So maybe I’m not a “real” entrepreneur, but for the most part, I’m okay with that. I just like doing things.

Kind of a fake,