So I guess I should backtrack here a bit. Some of you may not even know how Golden, Colorado – kind of an obscure city – ended up being our future home.

It all started two summers ago, when we first put our condo up for sale and we were deciding what we were going to do if we were actually able to sell in the next year or two. Since I have loved living in Glen Ellyn, we first looked at some houses in the area. We even went so far as to walk through a couple even though we’d gotten zero offers, (much less showings), on our condo. But in the back of our minds, we also had the lingering thought of moving out of state – considering both the east and the west coasts. But I must have been joking myself when I thought Ryan would consider anything but Colorado since he’s been itching to move there basically his entire life. And yes, I held him back from his dream by forcing him to marry me out of college and not make me move too far from my friends and family. But what would he get in return? A lifetime of pure wedded bliss to the queen of utter perfection.

Hey, this girl can dream, too, right?

Anyway, so we started looking at a map of Colorado, checking out towns near larger cities and I pointed to a town closest to the mountains just west of Denver with an endearing name and jokingly said, “if we move to Colorado, that’s where I want to move.”

Photo courtesy of Google maps

Photo courtesy of: Google maps

Little did I know that two years later, we actually would. (Hence the title of this entry…witty, I know.)

So then winter came, showings stopped and I soon realized why Ryan has been longing to get out of town. Winters in Illinois are basically awful. Okay, not every single day of winter – maybe there are ten nice days. Maybe. The main problem is that about one-third of the way through winter everyone naïvely expects it to be over…but the groundhog hasn’t even been born yet. And that’s when I completely got the the Colorado bandwagon. Now don’t get me wrong, Chicago is simply gorgeous at night in the winter and exploring downtown in the summer is pretty hard to beat – it’s an awesome city, no doubt. But if you add mountain views and easy access to the city, skiing, hiking, rock-climbing, etc., Golden already takes the cake.

I mean, we could have this all wrong. Maybe we will hate it out there and want to move back immediately. But if that is the case, I don’t think it will be because we are bored.

So, while we love the Chicago area for most of the year and hate to move away from friends and family, it is our wanderlust, no kid status and Ryan’s amazingly accommodating boss that have been the driving forces behind this move. And we are ready…seven days in counting.

Keep posted!