On our new couch!!

As you can see from the caption, Sonora is sitting sweetly…on our BRAND NEW COUCH!! I cannot begin to describe what it feels like to have our very own, NEW furniture in the living room. And that is why another post will be up in the coming days so you can see it in all it’s blazoned glory. Of course that means I didn’t take her photos exactly on her tenth “monthday” (Jan. 16) because we just got the furniture yesterday. Oh well! It was worth the wait to be able to announce such an exciting thing on her special day.

The days leading up to her tenth monthday were quite eventful. Here’s what The Precious was up to:

  • celebrated her first Christmas with both sides of the family and even got her two {other} front teeth! you can even see them a little in this photo – gap tooth baby!
  • assisted walking
  • took another cross-country road trip
  • bounces to tunes
  • pointing at things and people – knows how to ask for what she wants by pointing (water, food, etc)
  • free standing for a few seconds at a time
  • developed a funny chuckle while eating
  • walking holding one of our hands
  • cruising like mad and getting really fast
  • walking behind her walk-behind car!

She just keeps getting more and more busy which brings more and more fun. I love all the stages of baby but it’s so exciting to get to the next stage and realize just how much you love that one even more, especially for the first kiddo since EVERYTHING is new and exciting. And to think playing with, talking to and going on adventures with her is my job. I’ve never had such a fun job in my life.

Also? Things are getting real now folks…t-minus two months (less than that now) until The Big Day. Eep! They weren’t joking when they said time flies.

Stage lovin,