Well I’m a terrible blogger. Turns out I have a lot going on these days…no time for posting about our daily life much anymore! Hope you didn’t miss us too much.

But I’m back now! And as promised, I have a few of the games we play that I wrote about back in October, November and December but never posted. I actually thought I had more Daddy games than I do but oh well. Anyway, she still does most of these but has also moved on to bigger and better things – now she has all kinds of toys to play with from her wonderful grandparents, haha.

Here are some new ones and also some Daddy games Ryan made up:

Waterfall: She loves to play with the faucets in the bathrooms and will turn them on and off, drink from them, etc. for as long as I can take it. One day I think I “spotted” her for 15 whole minutes before I realized her feet were probably getting wrinkly (she always has bare feet so she can sit on the edge and put her feet in). I also get very bored during this activity because I can’t step away or leave or anything since she’s sitting on the counter, 3 feet off the ground. She still plays this game but now she puts her little Weeble toys in the sink and plays with them.

(daddy game) Pooper Scooper: She follows Ryan around the yard, watching him pick up poop. You think that’s funny, well he also taught her to say “blech” as he picked them up. That shouldn’t be cute but it totally is. And now she says “blech” whenever we say “poop.”

(daddy game) Cork popper: Back in October she spotted some corks in a pumpkin-shaped jar that I had as a decoration on the mantel. So obviously she had to play with them. After putting them in and out of the jar about 1,000 times, Ryan grabbed one, stuck it in his mouth and popped it out. She thought that was the best thing ever! Now she makes us do it every night.

Puzzled: She’s sort of into puzzles now. The “real” puzzles that we have she still needs a lot of help with but she does great with the easy animal ones.

Stee-kohs: She LOVES playing with stickers and she’ll bring her paper and stickers over to me, saying “stee-kohs” or “sickos” and sit down for a solid 10 minutes, picking out which sticker she wants and then putting it on the blank paper, over and over. An inexpensive Christmas gift purchase! I also made her a sticker book with cardstock paper for a cover so it almost passes for a real one.

Hide & Seek: We play this behind the shower curtain, behind the rocking chair in her room, put a blanket over her head and any time I can’t find her I ask, “Where’s Sonora?”

Ottoman fun: Simple and easy – I chase her around the ottoman, hide behind it and pop up then grab her. She erupts in giggles.

Rice & Beans: A basic activity of taking rice, beans or barley from one container and putting it into another with either a spoon or a scoop. She ended up eating the uncooked rice and half-cooked barley (I nuked it in the microwave when she starting spooning it in her mouth) as a second dinner because apparently I never feed her.

Pipe-cleaner poke: Similar to the toothpick game, she sticks pipe cleaners into a container that has a lid with holes or into a colander.

(daddy game) Aaaand….GO!: I mentioned this one in a previous post, but Sonora has been really into swinging again lately. Ryan was pushing her one day and made up a game where he pulls her up saying “aaaand” until she yells, “GO!” to be released. I play a similar game except I say, “rocket…blast off!”

Tasty Playdoh: A month ago I introduced Sonora to the wonderful world of Playdoh. For a while she would actually play with it – smash it, stamp it with her shapes, roll little balls – but lately she’s been getting disinterested quickly and has just been taking small pieces and eating them, saying, “yummy yummy tummy tummy.” Which is actually kind of hilarious. So needless to say, we have to monitor her very closely when she plays with it now. Hmm.

Coloring: Again, about a month ago I got her into coloring. I wrote about it in my last post but I’ve done a few letter of the alphabet animal coloring pages with her and now she also has an Elmo coloring book. I end up doing most of the work while she dictates what colors she wants where. We have a good time.

Doodle bug: She got a Magnadoodle for Christmas and her favorite thing to draw is “reen-bows.” I taught her how to draw one by saying, “uuup. down” as I drew the arches so now that’s all she says when she scribbles on it. Cutest. She also likes drawing on paper.

Well I think that’s it for now. My next post will be purely photos. Hang tight…

Your game master,