I had my photos all ready to go for a Sunday photostrip post but then I realized I needed to write about our 3-year anniversary of Colorado living, Thanksgiving and Elmo before I could get to that. Obviously! Also, Sunday night I was busy watching Downton Abbey. Priorities, you know? And I’ll have you know that Ryan has officially been hooked…but he won’t admit that. We started watching (well, re-watching for me) Season 1 on Saturday and are already halfway through Season 2. That show is addicting – even for guys. Plus, we are gearing up for Season 3 which starts in January – woo!

Aaaaaanyway…so for Thanksgiving we headed to the mountains to celebrate with Laura, Jared and Ella. We had the traditional meal on Thanksgiving evening (mostly prepared by the Michiganders, Jared and me, thank you very much, he he) and relaxed with a movie after the kiddos were in bed. The next day we burned off all the gorging we’d done the day before as we went Christmas tree hunting with the Veenstras for their perfect tree. Next year I think we’ll have to get our own tag so we can take a mini tree back down to Lakewood, just for Sonora.

"Kack kack"

Ella was clearly intrigued with/jealous of Sonora's hair. Maybe she thought it was a baby wig.

Hair brushing and blankie tossing.

"This is seriously fun for you? Boring!"

"Ella, while I have you here, please take these off for me."

"Hey. What's up."

They would not cooperate for the camera at the same time. As usual.

"Hi!" - Ella / "I'm bored" - Sonora

Perfect day for a balloon ride.

Puffy toddlers are funny.

Christmas tree hunting!

She did NOT want to walk. We had to carry her the entire hour-and-a-half. Princess!

She got hot. Less puff is better.

Hanging with daddy.

A log is a great place to take a rest.



The perfect tree.

We headed back home on Friday and we did absolutely nothing. It was glorious. The next day, we got to go to Sesame Street Live!: Elmo’s Superheroes with some friends (Candace, Brett and Sonora’s friend Beckett) who had won 8 free tickets to the show and graciously invited us along because they know how much Sonora LOOOOOVES Elmo. She loved seeing “Ehmo” on stage, though I’m not sure she realized he was “live” because we were a little far away. But, sadly, the show didn’t feature much of him exclusively. She kept singing, “Walalala..Ehmo whirl” (Elmo’s World theme song) but that part never happened. So needless to say, she wasn’t as enthralled as I thought she’d be. Nor was I. In fact, I’m not sure that I’d take her to another one (unless it was free again) because it was a weird story line and even the older kids didn’t seem that impressed. But for free? Definitely worth it.

Handing her ticket to the attendant. (earlier she went under the ropes because she was excited to see Elmo)

Practically running.

Definitely running.

Theater excitement.

Waiting with eager anticipation!

Moms and kiddos...who are busy snacking.

The cast appears!



Even though it wasn't as good as we'd thought it would be, we still had a good time.

So that was our weekend of Thanksgiving celebrations. And soon you will “feast” your eyes on this little cutie in the belated Sunday photostrip post. Hang tight!