So this is kind of a sidenote about my tracking method for baby growth (balloon size in length) – this week my book and emails say that baby slows down growth in length and will be mostly gaining more weight from here on out. But we’ll see about that – I carry big and long babies! New Baby’s got at least two more inches to go, I’m sure. Just wanted to throw that out there because the balloons won’t be getting too much bigger from now on.

Anyway, here’s my patriotic belly!

This week’s pregnancy facts:

  • I’d been feeling crampy for a few days and my belly rests on my lap when I sit. And clearly I’m no doctor, but when I measured my belly vertically in cm, I swear I’m measuring 36-37 weeks.
  • With that being said, I thought that maybe a baby will come sooner than 5 weeks but with some doctor-prescribed rest, the cramping subsided and New Baby still feels pretty content in there.
  • Speaking of taking it easy – Ryan took over all the parenting duties on Tuesday and Wednesday so I could rest. He did all kinds of fun things with Sonora – pool, bike ride, park, trip to Winter Park Resort to play on the mountain – so he definitely got the better end of the deal. And we had a very relaxing 4th of July. Kind of a pathetic and lazy one, actually, but that’s what happens when you have a 8.5 month pregnant lady in the family.
  • I woke up at 4:30 one morning and couldn’t fall back asleep. *yawn* That was the first time in a long time that had happened. Buuuut I probably shouldn’t go to bed at 12am anymore. Only about a month left so I need to stock up on sleep. AHAHAHAHA. If only it worked that way.
  • Got a delightful mani/pedi that only cost $22 and she did a GREAT job. My feet & hands feel glorious. Last one before baby!
  • I requested and received not one, but TWO, 45-minute massages this week from my honey dearest because of all my aches and pains. That on top of him taking over daddy-duty…I’m telling you, people, he’s a keeper.
  • Spent 30 minutes videotaping my belly moving in which I saw distinct body parts (knees, feet and butt). Craziness. I don’t remember Sonora being this lumpy and I checked to see if I took any videos of her but it looks like I didn’t. All the more reason to suspect this one is going to be a lot more wild than her…yikes.
  • Got my first “twins?” comment from a guy at the grocery store and I’m actually surprised it didn’t happen sooner with this ridiculous belly. I always think people’s reactions are funny when I hit them with my side profile because most people don’t even notice I’m pregnant from the front. And thankfully I’m never offended by stuff like that. Except for the one time my doctor told me to stop eating ice cream (!!!!) because that’s just wrong.

And that’s a wrap.