There are a few things I have noticed in just one week about living in Colorado that differ from living in the Midwest. I’d like to take this moment to reflect:

1) Bicyclists are ruthless and do not seem to adhere to normal traffic laws. Example: When Ryan and I took our motorcycle trip up Lookout Mountain, we were attempting to get back onto the road after pulling off at a lookout point. Due to our helmets, our peripheral vision was slightly hampered therefore we did not see the cyclist speeding down the mountain like a bat out of… Anyway, he was well over the speed limit and appeared out of nowhere so we accidentally pulled out in front of him. Let’s just say he was less than pleased. Lesson: Beware of phantom cyclists.

2) A red traffic light means three more cars can go through. This is similar to Illinois, however, I still find it amusing. That’s not to say I haven’t been one of those third cars…just saying it’s amusing.

3) East and West are obsolete. Directionally, it’s either toward the mountains or away from the mountains.

4) Dogs rule. Everyone loves dogs here – they are allowed nearly everywhere and they even get special treatment. Did you read my post about a server allowing Sadie into the restaurant (sort of a classy joint, too) AND providing her with her own water dish and a piece of bacon on a folded napkin?? Yeah, that’s right.

5) You can never have too much moisturizer. Dry skin, dry eyes, dry lips. I might need to invest in some serious lotion – Bath and Body Works just doesn’t cut it. I’ve already got my Aquaphor lip treatment and use it generously throughout the day. And my nose is ridiculously dry in the morning – don’t know how to remedy that. However, on the upside, I am having much better hair days here – frizz-free!

6) Layers, layers, layers. It is 65 degrees during the day,  but drops to half that once the sun goes over the mountains. Which means I’ll have been hot and sweaty during the day but can’t seem to warm up at night. Although, I’m usually cold at night so I guess that’s nothing new. But still…the temperature changes here are definitely different.

7) There are actually people who don’t like to hike. We met a girl at Wet Seal the other day who said she doesn’t like to do anything recreational but the only reason she doesn’t consider moving is because all of her family is here. We found this fascinating. We assumed everyone here is an outdoor fanatic and loves to be active.

8) Many women don’t feel the need to get dolled up. Kind of obvious for being an outdoorsy state, but still something to be pointed out. Which is great because it means I have no problem whatsoever going outside in my pajamas with no makeup and crazy hair.

9) Similarly, many men figure shaving and haircuts are optional. They are what I would consider “mountain men.”

10) Grocery stores have funny names. I used to think the grocery store/pharmacy in Illinois, Jewel-Osco, was weird but now we have places like King Soopers and Loaf N’ Jug. It will be an adjustment.

Well, those are all I have noticed so far but I’m sure there will be more to come.

Observationally yours,