All right, all right. For those of you who are just DYING to see some of the more significant progress we’ve made…here is a before shot of the living room:

Ew curtains, yucky wall color, dated wallpaper and gross rugs covering the disgusting carpet. *shudder*

And an in-progress shot of the living room from last week:

New ceiling, fresh paint (notice: no wallpaper!), touched up trim and NEW CARPET.

AHH! It feels so. much. CLEANER. And newer. And fresher. Ryan and I literally rolled around on the carpet with Sonora the first day – and we still do. And I don’t freak out if Sonora rolls off her blanket and onto the carpet because I know who and what have been on it.

Sadie thoroughly enjoys it, too – grinning with glee. (this was before she puked on it...*sigh*)

I don’t think you understand. This is the first time we’ve ever had new carpet that we’ve been the first to step on. It’s glorious! (to be fair, at our condo in Illinois we installed Pergo wood flooring…but you can’t snuggle into that)

Anyway, we’ve since moved in our lovely 90′s La-Z-Boy couch recliners (that we got for free when we got married six years ago), added a couple touches of decor (more to come) and put the tv down there on an end table as a temporary solution (we’re not quite sure where the tv will go, but it’s actually working nicely here right now):

Still a bit more decorating and photo/artwork hanging to do, but this is how it looks present day.

I actually wasn’t going to include this photo because it makes the living room look worse since the couches are so ugly dated, but it is what it is. This is what we’ll be sitting on for the next 20 years…well hopefully not. But at least for a while yet, unfortunately. Unless someone wants to donate to the Habitat for Hartgerink fund…. (and don’t suggest Craigslist – it’s still out of the budget). I actually have a love/hate relationship with those silly couches. They aren’t the WORST to look at and they’re actually really comfortable with the nice built-in recliners. But the thing that bugs me is that they taunt me every day by saying, “HA! You thought you’d be rid of us by now but NOOO! AHAHAHAHAAAA!” It’s the laughing in my face and arrogance I could do without. It’s just rude.

Anyway, that’s obviously just one part of the house and it’s only partially done. I’ll post more as we continue to make everything come together. And by that I mean, as together as a hodge podge can be – my house will never be something out of a magazine. Which is okay. I’ll admit that I have been having a hard time feeling like an adult with the conglomoration of furniture & decor I’ve collected over the years, but again, it is what it is. But don’t get me wrong…I am so, SO grateful for what we have. And the things I want (not need)? Just things.

Since no room is “finished” yet (like, I’ll probably take down the star and wood piece & put more black photo frames on the mantel instead), I am forcing myself to upload progress shots – incomplete as they may be – so no one has a hernia from impatience. It’s hard, but I’m doing this for YOU, people. Be grateful.

Next up…Sonora’s room!

Renovation queen,