I kind of have a bone to pick with my doctor based on my appointment this week. Because of somewhat rapid weight gain in the past four weeks (11lbs) she told me that she only wanted me to gain 2-3 more pounds for the rest of this pregnancy (meaning 30lbs total). That is absurd to me because according to my email updates from now on I should be gaining a pound a week, and half of that goes to the baby. I gained 40 with Sonora and am on track to gain that with New Baby as well. Why she only wants me to gain 30 is beyond me considering I clearly am not fat (although I jokingly said that she called me fat to a few people and they felt bad for my self-confidence – don’t worry, I’m not concerned at all!). The chart next to me in the doctor’s room even said I should gain 35-45 pounds. I can tell I’m thickening up but it’s all being distributed proportionately so I’m not sure why she’s concerned. And one last rant about this…since my belly is so huge, I feel like my body HAS to plump up to carry my beast of a belly around!

So basically, I’m ignoring her advice to lay off the ice cream and am eating whatever I want, ha! I eat healthy and I eat junky in equal amounts, but probably more healthy than not. So whatever, lady. You’re not the boss of me.

Anyway, now that I’m off that little pregnancy soapbox, here is this week’s belly.

This week’s pregnancy facts:

  • On a related note to my pregnancy rant, people have still been commenting on how large I look. I get “So you’re due soon, huh?” “Nope…two more months” {shocked look}, and “I don’t know how you are going to get any bigger” on a daily basis. Thankfully I agree with them and take no issue with their comments. I AM big and I really don’t know how I’m going to get bigger…but it happened with Sonora so it’ll happen with this one. Streeeeetttchhh.
  • The few encouraging things my doctor told me at my appointment was that I should wear whatever I want (in a comment I made regarding my short-shorts) and definitely get massages. Now THAT advice I will listen to.
  • She also said it seemed like maybe New Baby had gone through a growth spurt because I was carrying higher. When I half-jokingly asked her if that could actually mean I was farther along, she laughed and said “Unfortunately no, but that would be nice, wouldn’t it?” BUMMER.
  • I can actually tell baby is higher because when I sit, it’s hard for me to breathe.
  • We had a girls’ night last week Friday and a “green” baby shower thrown by The Giggling Green bean on Saturday. So much fun with my ladies. And I won a FREE hands-free breast pump bra worth $45! So basically I won’t have to hold my breast pump  because my bra will do it for me. Score!
  • Then on Monday Meg had us over for waffles and she, our other pregnant friend Ashley and I all got pedicures. Mmm. My lady did kind of a terrible paint job, especially compared to Ryan who had painted my nails a couple weeks ago and they looked awesome, but whatever. The pampering felt good.
  • My belly is shiny.

Well the inlaws are in town so we’re heading up to the mountains to spend Father’s Day weekend with everyone. Until next time…