I know! FINALLY!!! I am revealing top secret photos of our house. Just kidding, they are not top secret. But from the whining of my people it sure seemed like everyone thought we were trying to hide something from them. Sorry, but showing photos of our house partially in order really wasn’t one of my top things on my list of to-dos. But remember when I showed you some progress shots here and here? Oh wait, you probably don’t normally read my blog so you DIDN’T see them. Not my fault. So anyway, here they are now!

So the house is sort of in order and almost the way we want it. I’ve been taking photos progressively so some things in the photos have changed (like the refrigerator) but I’m showing these as more of a tour of the house for those of you who didn’t see my progress posts and who just want to see the layout. To actually see the house, a visit is required and desired. Hey, that was a fun little rhyme I just did there.

Okay okay, enough talk. It’s time for the tour. Keep in mind this is a tri-level with a basement so try to follow me with the layout.

Exterior. Will be repainted this summer (hopefully).

Heading inside to the main level…

Looking into the breakfast nook upon entry of the front door. Kitchen is to the left.

Bonus shot: baby on the stairs.

Kitchen looking into dining room. This was before we got our shiny new black fridge and before we moved our table into the breakfast nook which is where it is currently (shown previously).

Looking from the dining room to the front entry. Kitchen is to the right.

Living room (looking to the left upon entry). NEW FURNITURE!!! I'll be adding some better/more colorful throw pillows to the recliners and we'll be updating the side tables soon. But isn't it just LOVELY? Couch is black & white herringbone so it looks gray.

Dining room connected to the living room. Kitchen is to the right. This photo is an old photo taken before the dining room converted into a play room.

Current "dining" room converted to play room. Table is there so we don't hit our head on the light, heh. And so Sonora can have snacks.

Looking at the top level from the living room on the main level. Stairs to the left go down to the garage level.

Heading down those stairs to the left to the garage level…

Progress shot of Ryan's tile work. Heading down to the garage level.

Guest bathroom and laundry room. Door to the garage is to the right. Stairway to the left is going back up to main level and the tiny portion of a doorway are stairs going down to the basement.

Family room on garage level. Still need to finish/paint the stairs. Door is leading downstairs to the basement.

Sorry, I didn’t get a shot of the basement before we moved our old couches and acquired a bed and a dresser from Laura and Jared (and a desk from Ryan’s parents). But it’s a basement – a big long room with a fireplace at the end just like the main level fire place. New carpet, fresh paint. Just use your imagination to picture it. I also don’t have a good shot of the guest room downstairs but that’s still a work in progress so it’ll have to come later. It originally had dark wood paneling and awful tile but we painted it a light blue paneling, put new carpet in and have some guest furniture in there. But like I said, still has some work to do.

All right now let’s go back upstairs now, shall we? Here’s the main level again…

Heading upstairs...

Kid/Guest bathroom, first door on the left. Upstairs.

Our room, second door on the left. Upstairs.

Looking into our bathroom.

Left side of Sonora's room (note the Pack N Play – this was taken before she got her crib). End of the hall upstairs.

Right side of Sonora's room featuring her new crib!

Changing table/dresser & closet are on the other side of the room. Old shot taken before her bird mobile was finished and before her closet was organized.

So the only room I didn’t show upstairs was the office. Don’t have a good shot of it, my bad.

And there you have it! That’s our house. Welcome. Come visit us any time! We love house guests.

Homey-ly yours,