Okay. Time for part two.

So these last few weeks have slowed down a bit, and rightfully so. We have been able to live on the main levels (with the exception of the living room due to not having carpet yet) and things on our task lists weren’t as immediate. To pick up right where I left off:

Week Seven (6.26-7.02)

  • oven part replaced – finally have a working oven/stove!
  • installed chandelier in dining room
  • stripped hardwood parquet on main level in preparation to re-finish
  • had our neighbors over for dinner to thank them for watching the house & our rabbit in while we were gone
  • played our first yard game – croquet!
  • finished up most of trim painting on upstairs level
  • touched up wall paint in Sonora’s room
  • marked out working sprinklers in sprinkler system to figure out what needed to be fixed (an elaborate diagram was created)

Ryan hard at work. The left side is the terrible home-stain job the previous owners did. You can't really tell from the photo, but it was SO DIRTY/GUNKY looking. Ugh.

Week Eight (7.03-7.09)

  • installed new doorbell
  • hung new track lighting in kitchen, new light in breakfast nook/casual dining area, and new light in entry way. Finally got working lights and they are lovely.
  • prepped, stained and sealed the wood floor on main level (one coat of stain, three coats of varnish)
  • started to fix sprinkler system

Week Nine (7.10-7.16)

  • dug out some bushes in the backyard
  • hired youth group kids to help move the giant rocks from the border in our backyard to spots along the house in the front and back
  • trimmed more bushes
  • started weeding (just the gigantaur weeds that were out of control – the rest will happen once it cools down)
  • continued to work on sprinkler system

Week Ten (7.17-7.23)

  • finished fixing sprinkler system
  • comparison shopping for carpet – this was actually something we’d been doing since we purchased the house, but just got serious this week
  • installed a new toilet in our master bathroom
  • more trimming of bushes and minor weed maintenance in the front yard

Week Eleven (7.24-7.30)

  • picked out and ordered carpet to be installed on Monday – wooo!
  • dug out more bushes
  • got rid of probably the 40-year-old vine growing along the back fence
  • hung up art in Sonora’s room – finally! – and her nursery is almost “complete” (the quotes are because I didn’t have a specific nursery decor plan – just found things I liked and/or made and combined them with some of my old furniture from when I was a kid)

Again, I’m sure there are somethings I’ve left out, but oh well. And it’s been SO HOT so not much work has been done outside yet.

Oh, and both this list as well as my previous post are excluding the countless Home Depot and Ace Hardware runs we did, which took up enough time and energy in and of itself. Oh my. Not to mention all the tasks that come with general house up-keep and baby care. AND I’ll have you know, this is all on top of our other commitments, too – youth group leaders, school, mom meetup coordinator and oh, you know, our JOBS. (right now I am very busy with freelance, which is great! but busy). Just letting you know how awesome we are.

But yeah, once the carpet is in, we can move {most of} the rest our house in! We have been sitting on the couches in the bare living room, (with lovely Killz painted floors), just waiting on carpet to make everything come together on the two main levels. This means I can also start decorating – wooO! The garage level and basement are kind of our slow/ignored projects considering we don’t have a need for either of them right now, except for the laundry room, of course.

So the things on our current list of to-dos are:

  • get carpet installed on main level, upstairs hallway and fourth/guest bedroom downstairs (Monday)
  • tile or lay linoleum down on half of the garage level (the half that is main traffic from the garage to the kitchen)
  • re-finish the stairs on that level (since it will be tile instead of carpet)
  • finish painting the basement
  • get remaining carpet installed on garage level and basement
  • tear up our yard so I have a clean slate next summer for fresh landscaping

Next year projects include re-painting the entire exterior and deck.

Um. Yeah. Welcome to homeownership. It’s been exhausting but good – our house is feeling like a home!

I am so excited for the carpet…