Hey there. This week was a warm one! And what a wonderful preview of the discomfort to come of the midsummer heat in my third trimester – SO EXCITED.


Anyway, on a more positive note…stripes are back!

This week’s pregnancy facts:

  • Got my Rhogam shot on Monday and it was literally a pain in the butt, on top of some other issues with baby putting pressure on my belly and SO MUCH HOTNESS (85 degrees). The shot/aches/heat trifecta pretty much knocked me out of commission. So that was a fun day.
  • The following days were fine, although still a little toasty.
  • We’ve been asking Sonora what she wants, a brother or a sister, and she’s been saying brother. But when I ask her what she thinks is in there, she says “girl.” So either her preference does not match OR… she’s just a toddler and it means nothing. Heh.
  • By the way, I’m back to thinking it’s a boy.
  • New Baby likes to wake me up at 4:45 every morning lately (deja vu, anyone?). At first I pretended like I could fall back asleep and laid in bed for two hours, tossing and turning, but now I’m just rolling with it. So basically I’m being extra productive!
  • I’m starting to get the third trimester jealousy of women whose due dates are sooner. One day I said, “Lucky!” to someone whose due date was in June. She laughed.
  • Speaking of…I told Ryan I wasn’t sure what God was thinking when he decided that I shouldn’t have a baby in December or March (my past two due dates) but that I should suffer in the sweltering heat of the summer instead. Right after saying that, I realized that God knew EXACTLY what he was doing to have me in my third trimester when Ryan had off from work for two whole months and could take over parenting duties while I lounged around in my ice bath. So um yeah. It’s definitely all in His timing!
  • On a happy non-whiney note (heh), New Baby’s lungs are fully formed! So squee could potentially survive outside the womb if a very premature birth were to occur. But let’s pray baby goes many more weeks before that happens! I’d rather suffer a bit in heat than have my little babe come too soon.
  • Funny fact: last pregnancy at 28 weeks, I was hiking 6.5 miles in Arches National Park. Oh how times have changed, haha! Now I’m a pregnant grandma.

By the way, lest you think I’m just complaining…I swear I’m not trying to. I’m SO grateful for this pregnancy but I do know what it’s like to be super uncomfortable in the last months without having to endure it in a hot house. And I’ve been talking to other women who had summer babies and let’s just say they aren’t exactly giving me positive feedback. So I think I’m just getting a complex. I’m sure I’ll be fine! Just taking it day by day.

Happy weekend, all!