Oops. I had this written and forgot to post on Monday. My bad.

We’ve had a few really fabulous days already this winter – a couple in January and now a couple in February. And despite what I said in my last maternity post, since I’m in my second trimester I do have more energy to get out and about…but mostly just on nice days and also if I know Ryan will do the majority of the work, haha. Ryan has a couple extra days off from school due to the holiday on Monday, so he wanted to get outside to enjoy the gorgeous 60-degree weather this weekend. No argument here!

We were planning to go to the zoo on Saturday but considering we left at 10:30 and wouldn’t be there until 11, we thought it would be best to stay more local in order to keep on schedule with Sonora’s afternoon nap. So we re-routed our course and to Red Rocks in Morrison it was. There are lots of hiking trails around the park and we’d actually never been on them. We happened to find a nice short one with hardly any elevation gain which was perfect for us since Sonora would have to walk, too. We hiked for a little over an hour and Sonora did great. Her favorite part was counting the steps every time we had to go up or down – she actually said all her numbers up to 12 and didn’t even skip the number five this time (she NEVER says five when she counts). And because we had to walk slow to accommodate toddler walking, old man Ryan and bigger belly Laura didn’t even get winded or break a sweat. That is, not until the end when the sun got a bit too hot (jealous yet?). It was a great hike. Here are some photos to prove it.

At the start. So sunny and delightful.

Going up, up, up.

Counting all the steps, like a champ.

She wouldn't pose with me so I punished her with a kiss.

Red Rocks is a mini Garden of the gods.

Taking in the beauty with daddy.

SUN. In your face! Er, wait...that's rude. I meant "on our faces." (he he)

Exploring a cave.

Spulunking with daddy.

They are my favorite.

Roaring in the cave to hear their echoes. (she was reciting her book, Me and My Mom: "we roar in the cave and it answers our call..." so she had to try it out for herself.

It was really dreary out.

Off the beaten path.

Always has her blankie, even on a hike.

Heading back.

After an hour-and-a-half of hiking, Sonora wanted a "back 'ide".

On Sunday we made a quick trip to the zoo for an equally nice day. We didn’t stay long and only went to half (that’s the other great thing about a pass – go whenever, for however long), but we did get another chance to feed the lorikeets some nectar. This time Sonora could do it all by herself and she loved it. We thought she’d get scared once they got close enough to drink but nope. She held it steady and was even trying to pet them while they drank, ha.

Lost glove tree.

On Monday, President’s Day, we just stayed at home and relaxed. That was pretty great, too.