Yay! Happy Mother’s Day all my fellow mamas and grandmas!! (and a special one to MY mom, of course!)

It’s my first Mother’s Day…wow. I am very excited about this. Even though we don’t generally celebrate the “Hallmark” holidays, this one is special to me. Especially this year. It’s one of life’s milestones to become a mom (well, just for the ladies, that is…heh) and I think having a day to honor that is totally necessary. It’s more a celebration of family, really, and that’s what is special about it.

So, sorry, but here comes some major sap and you’ll all have to humor me because it’s Mother’s Day. Okay? Okay.

Every day I look at Sonora and just see a precious little blessing. A miracle. She can do no wrong, honestly. Even her pooping is cute (the toots! oh my). Our baby is ridiculous. Every face she makes I want to capture, and every tiny sound she does makes me run for the video camera. Document, document, document. Each day she gets cuter and cuter, especially now that’s she’s smiling and cooing. So adorable! And there are so many fun stages to come. I just can’t get enough.

And I can’t tell you how many times Ryan and I have looked at each other and said, “she looks just like a little person!”

Um, she’s not “like”…she IS. And she’s ours. She’s half of each of us (although more so Ryan now because of her calm temperament – can’t wait for the sass to show up from my half…) But it’s just so weird to see her tiny little hands and feet and body and know she will one day be all big and “adult-sized.” Silliness. She must always stay a baby…pocket-sized.

And then I think about all the trouble she’s going to get into and sassiness we’ll have to endure and boys we’ll have to bat off…but that’s all VERY much in the future, of course, so I can’t get ahead of myself. No more thinking.

Anyway, I’m more than seven weeks in now and honestly loving every minute. Well, except for maybe the “oh-my-gosh-you-are-so-needy-and-i-want-my-body-back-thank-you” moments. Those are a little tiring. Precious, but exhausting. Sorry, babe. (and thanks, Mom! now I know what you went through…three times)

So those are my thoughts on this Mother’s Day.

And now here are some family photos we took yesterday on our lovely walk along Clear Creek downtown Golden. A city where mere months ago, our baby was just starting her life with us.

Hang out buddies.

Sonora was not a fan of the pup sharing the spotlight.

I love my little family.

Also? I finally put up a new header the other day! The subhead is a little cheesy, but whatever. I love it.

Happy Mother’s Day again to all the mothers out there! It’s good to be part of this group now. I wish we could all hold hands and celebrate together.