Hmm. It appears I haven’t posted a monthday post for Sonora’s 5-month birthday. My bad.

I’ve been a little crazy busy with Signify lately – which is a GREAT thing – but that means my bloggy-blog has to suffer a bit. In fact, more things have suffered – I actually didn’t take the photos until today. But shhhhh. Pretend you don’t know that.

HOWEVER. One thing that is good is that I had actually taken photos of her nursery a couple weeks ago before the crazy hit, so you get to have a little comparison shot of that, as promised. Yay!

As for updates on the little nugget:

  • She is now rolling around and scooting a ton
  • She likes to blow raspberries and “talk” to us
  • She’s been introduced to rice cereal, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas and pears. Still have to get some more vegetables in the mix.
  • She went to her first rodeo this past weekend (a post on that to come)

And now, here’s the peanut.

Normally I try to get her feet in the entire frame, but this was the only one where she was smiling (and where Ryan’s shirt graphic wasn’t distracting). Actually, she was blowing raspberries. She’s going through a slightly rebellious stage right now with photos, ha.

All right, and here are some shots of her room, before and after:

We didn't get a very good before shot of her room. But just note how dark and small it looks.

Hard to get a good shot of the whole room from the doorway since there is a built-in shelf on the lefthand side. But you get the idea. Trust me when I say there is a lot of room!

The bird mobile! I also made some clouds for it and bought some fabric flowers that I can use for her hair later. This hangs above her changing table.

So the room color is most accurately displayed in this last photo. It’s a light, light grey called Italian Marble. I figured a really light, clean color would go best with all her colorful and gender-neutral decor and would make my old furniture look fairly white against it, heh.

There you have it! It’s no room from a magazine, but I like it. The one thing not pictured is the changing table area. It’s nothing special, but it shows the closet, too. I may update this post later with it, so check back. Oh, and I already have plans to hang a fairy tent in the bookshelf corner in a few years and get rid of the glider. I bought these things in anticipation:

Super flouncy pillows!

Yeah, I went really girly. We’ll see if she’s even into that. Maybe it will be a race car corner instead…