Our list of produce is now complete, so now all we’re waiting on is the baby! And just so you know, Ryan totally helped me out with this one. I wasn’t sure what to do…I really (naively) thought I’d have an infant in my arms so he came up with this idea. Genuis!

Clearly you can’t read the list in the journal photo, but it’s got all the fruits and veggies listed and checked off. At the bottom I circled the word BABY, still to be checked! You can click both the journal and the one below to see them larger and verify that is, in fact, what is on the list. I wouldn’t lie to you.

The doctor said she is fairly confident I’ll go into labor on my own, but just in case, she’s planning to schedule (or has already scheduled) an induction on the 20th or 21st. I’ll be getting a NST this week to monitor what’s going on inside before we make any final decisions. I’m generally not a fan of inducing but if the health of mama and baby get compromised, I have to trust my doctors to make the best call for us. But that means we’ll have a newborn by next week…or sooner! And that makes me very happy.

Still can’t believe this is happening.