Okay, I’ll just say it – this is an ETERNALLY LONG PREGNANCY.

And probably the most exasperating thing about it is the fact that I got too excitedly anxious too soon. At 26 weeks baby was ready to live outside the womb. Therefore I thought, well hey! Bring on the baby. Clearly unwise. Then eleven weeks later at 37 weeks, baby was full-term – woo hoo! Surely this calls for celebrating an early baby. Um, no.

But yet it felt like everyone was trying to prepare me for an early baby. My emails told me to pack my hospital bag and get things in order weeks ago – thanks a lot. Parents at school keep telling me they had their first babies two weeks early, so “maybe!” No. Not helpful. Friends and family ask how things are progressing every week. Well that just makes us all anxious, good intentions and all.

So I’ve literally just been waiting for the last several weeks. And waiting.

And I’ll probably have to keep waiting because like I mentioned before, apparently I could go as long as 42 weeks.


This is torture. Whoever said these last few weeks would fly by was WRONG. They are the longest weeks of my life.

But enough melodramatic moaning. Really, I say this all in good spirits. I am a happy pregnant lady. Just wish I could meet the nugget already! But obviously if baby’s gotta cook, baby’s gotta cook.

Anyway, here are some scary/crazy/funny shots we took transposing my first photo shoot with my 39 week photo shoot. Oh. My. Word.

I am still laughing at the absurdity of this shoot. My belly has outgrown the watermelon, if that’s possible. I couldn’t find a bigger one. I literally *squeezed* into that shirt, promptly removing it after the shoot so I wouldn’t wreck it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am large and in charge.

As for next week’s shoot? I’m hoping that one includes a little baby.

We’ll see…