So I was sick last week. I was horribly sick. And being horribly sick when 8 months preggo and suffering a bit with preggo insomnia is one of the worst. things. ever.


Benadryl. One single dose of this wonderful drug on Thursday proved to be enough to turn my cold around – I haven’t had to take another one since, not even to help me sleep (my sleep has been glorious!). Granted, I am still sniffling and hacking, but I no longer have the insane headache and groggy, sleep-deprived body to the point of not being able to function. I am just a normal girl with a normal cold that appears to be on it’s last leg. Amazing.

So, with that said, I’ll tell you a little bit more about this past week.

Aftercare/school was canceled Monday through Wednesday due to – get this – cold weather (CO is weird…it was below freezing, but just barely), which freed my ENTIRE DAY those days. So I spent that time preparing for baby – sleeping in, getting a massage (cue angel chorus), washing, drying, cleaning, buying, packing, etc. (no wonder I completely crashed from sheer exhaustion on Wednesday…). And Friday night Meghan and Greg came over to help us rearrange our room so little Hart has his/her own corner – complete with a Pack ‘N Play, dresser and bookshelf, along with the handy-dandy built-in changing station at the far end of our room (we have a bedroom sink, medicine cabinet and counter top with storage underneath). I also finished sewing my birds for little Hart’s bird mobile on Sunday – yay!

So now I feel much less stressed and a wee bit more prepared. Thank goodness. (photos of the “nursery” to come soon…still need to decorate)

Also, we had our “express childbirth” class all day on Saturday…on Ryan’s birthday. What a guy – giving up a day devoted to him to learn more about how to birth our child. He wins the “Good Dad” award already. Despite the fact that I’m sure we could figure out how to have a kid without this class, it was actually really informative and helpful to hear all the terminology, see live births, find out more about topics we had questions on and practice techniques for coping with pain. Plus, we got to see a portion of our hospital – it looks wonderful. Not to mention, it’s classy. When we first walked in, we were greeted with the beautiful sounds of a piano – played by a live pianist. Nice.

ANYway, enough about that. Here’s this past week’s shoot…a 5lb sack of potatoes. Getting creative here, folks.

So at my last visit, the doctor mentioned baking our nugget for as long as possible…up to 41 weeks. WHAT. Also, the doula at our class said 41-42 was normal for first-timers.

WHAT the WHAT?!! WHERE DID THESE EXTRA WEEKS COME FROM?? Noooo!! NOT a fan. I mean I’m glad they’re not on board with unnecessary inducing, but come on now. 40 weeks max.

*breathing-techniques in use*

I can do this.