I just realized I have less than 50 days to go.


In light of this realization, I am all of these things – excited, nervous, disbelieving, excited, antsy, impatient, excited, unprepared, tired and have I mentioned…excited??

And of all the things I could be worried about (baby’s health, delivery, sleep deprivation, cluttery chaos, etc) I am mostly worried about…my UN-worry. I’ve said this before, but so far this has been a great pregnancy. (ducking as not-so-lucky pregnant ladies throw things my way.) For the first time in life I am not over analyzing anything – I’ve pretty much had a textbook pregnancy. It’s actually been a bit unnerving at how accurate my weekly emails are with my development and symptoms. Unnerving but reassuring – great for a first time mom. I mean, I haven’t really asked the doctor any questions because I haven’t had any.

But should I be more panicked, considering I really don’t know what in the world I’m getting myself into?? (probably)

I can only hope taking care of little Hart will be this easy…

(quiet, you. i can hear your snorts of laughter and see that raised eyebrow with your smug smirk. let me be disillusioned, if only for a little while)

Anyway, as you can see, I’m slowly getting crazier. So let’s move onto something else totally crazy – and that would be my big, round 4lb ball of baby belly.

Whaaaat. Just when I think I can’t get any bigger, I do. Remember when I started this series at 12 weeks and thought I was showing? HA. What a naive little amateur I was.

Living large,