I had to sleep in a few days this week because I stayed up waay too late, especially since the tiny one is the most wiggly right as I lay down (of course) and then rowdiness ensues promptly at 6am. Plus, I am now experiencing pregnancy insomnia. The hits just keep on coming…

Anyway, this week one email said we’ve got a little jicama on our hands. I don’t even know what that is (some sort of Mexican potato?). So I chose beets instead, because they are prettier and because they are good for both of us. Baby H is just under 4 lbs and just under 17 inches, head to itty bitty heel. (reminder: clicky-click the photo to enlarge)

Okay, seriously, I am SO lumpy. Every single day I look down and see our child rolling around, creating the most bizarro-looking belly – I’m talking body part ridgelines forming and moving across my stomach. SO WEIRD! That is the one thing I wasn’t expecting – to constantly be surprised by the morphing of my body. You would think it would get old after a while, but it’s amazing to see just how stretched and pulled my belly is getting every week. (ps. I grew one whole inch this week – yowzas!)

Now it is definitely getting harder for me to carry things, bend down and get out of the car. I have also been caught doing the pregnancy waddle (oy). Yes, I think it is official…I am slowing down. *gasp!* No more rollerskating, hiking, rock climbing or traveling for me. And I believe I am now experiencing the infamous Braxton Hicks contractions as well. They are kind of uncomfortable. Is this normal?

Also, if you ever wanted to know what the inside of your belly button feels like, wonder no more. It is very soft. And irresistible.