It was a pretty uneventful week, but I accomplished organizing a bit and putting away most of the newly acquired baby items we received and/or purchased with some of the gift cards from my Midwest showers. I have to say, for a small condo, we’re still able to squish things in pretty well. However, there is definitely a need for donating – the more we get, the more we have to move, so OUT goes anything we’re not using.

But that’s boring. Belly time! This week our baby is the weight of three grapefruits!

Sorry, no outtakes this time.

Now time for some pregnancy stats:

This week I am measuring 38.5″ around my waist and gained another pound. According to my pregnancy journal book, I think I was somewhere around 27″-28″ normally. So 10 inches and now 31 pounds in seven months…that’s pretty hefty, eh? It’s funny that I’m 31 pounds heavier on my 31st week of pregnancy…

Also, I have almost all of the symptoms noted for this trimester, and many I’ve had for a while now – increasing forgetfulness, nasal congestion, lower abdominal achiness, backaches, headaches and newly acquired night time leg cramps. Forgetfulness has been really frustrating but apparently my brain cells are shrinking so I have a legit excuse. I lost several gift cards I’d received for Christmas (and found them tucked safely away where I’d put them the day before), couldn’t find baby items I’d literally just put away and am having a hard time keeping on task due to wandering brain syndrome.

One more thing I’ve got is a slight loss of vision. I’m not sure if it’s due to the drier air now that it’s winter, or if it’s the vision change from pregnancy hormones the LASIK doctor warned me about (which is why it’s advised not to get the surgery while pregnant or trying) but things are blurrier than usual. I’ve been enjoying the benefits of the surgery for almost a year now and it’s one of the greatest things ever, so I’m hoping it’s only temporary!

Oh, and I can literally feel my abdomen growing and stretching. Ergh.

Hmm, I think there was something else I was going to write…but I already forgot.

So good night,