In summary: Crazy busy week. Crazy busy baby.

This week’s pregnancy facts:

  • As you read, we had friends in town this week and I got SO WORN OUT from all the activity and hiking/walking. Probably not ideal to hike 3 miles in the third trimester.
  • Related: I can really tell how much I need my belly support band on days when I don’t wear it. So heavy. So sore.
  • At the point in this pregnancy where if I drop food on the floor I wonder if I really need to pick it up now or if it can wait until later.
  • Met another pregnant lady at music class who looked especially small and found out she’s due a month before me. I felt like a beast.
  • One of my girlfriends even commented on how much my belly is sticking out for how far I have to go yet. My belly is going to be stretched to the max in these final weeks.
  • Also, I feel like my belly is extra basketball-y lately. More signs New Baby is a boy??? But I’ve been obsessively shopping. So maybe I’ve got a girl in there after all…
  • Please note: this week I crawled up an inflatable shark and went down the slide. In a maxi skirt. 31 weeks pregnant.

I think I should end on that.