So I am still recovering from my travels – I think it will take weeks to recuperate (or never…). I could sleep and get massages all day long. Flying, taking the bus, taking the train, driving all around and seeing tons of people was exhausting. Fun and totally worth it, but all the running around totally beat me up. Hmm, I see a trend. It seems I keep doing things that aren’t really the best ideas…must be my pregnancy brain making all the decisions.

Also, Baby H is lumpier than ever – I think all the traveling was hard on him/her, too. It was hard to sleep at night some nights because I’d have dreams of the little one pushing and rolling around so hard I could see the whole outline of the little nugget’s body (weird!), then I would wake up to an extremely sore belly. Must have meant I really was being pushed and prodded all night long.

But ANYWAY, here is our 30-week 3.2 lb baby lettuce for your viewing pleasure:

The middle side-view photo in these last ones shows my girth in all it’s glory, doesn’t it?

Um, can I say again that this is the longest pregnancy ever?? I honestly don’t know if I can make it two more months. I may have to try to lend my assistance to make things move a little faster. (I don’t really know what that means, but I’m just SO ready.) And I feel like a bad mother and totally guilty for saying that because I know our baby should develop as much as possible but honestly…I just want to meet the kid already! Patience is not my thing. Especially not when a “mini us” is kicking around in there, being super cute and hurting me all at the same time.

Speaking of which…my body is breaking. I know I don’t look huge all over, but I have gained 30 pounds and I can feel it all over. My back, neck and hips have always been prone to getting sore quickly, and now that pain is exponentially growing with every week of development. Little Hart is just over three pounds now and having that extra front weight (not to mention the weight of the liquidy goo baby is in) has really been throwing me off. It’s hard to stand and sit straight and even when I think I am doing well, I get sore after only a few minutes. Even when I’m sleeping…gah!

Ah, the joys of pregnancy. But at least I’m not on bedrest and haven’t had any issues with my health or anything. I have been very blessed with this pregnancy thus far and really can’t complain – I’ve felt like a normal person (only a couple crazy hormonal outrages), only with a bizarro-looking body. And even that hasn’t really bothered me – my weight gain is a good thing (so far…) since I was too scrawny before. Now I feel like I look healthy. But I’ll probably talk about that in an upcoming post…

So until the next post,