So we had a little trouble with the produce this week. Let me show you.

Ryan first went out and got the one on the left. Clearly I could not use that one. How would I hold it without it looking phallic? (sorry family, but seriously) Plus, it was a measly 1.5 lb squash – not nearly large/heavy enough for the shoot.

The second time he went out – after I insisted the first was inappropriate – he came back with a mammoth beast of a squash (on the right), weighing in at 5.87 lbs. Considering a newborn can weigh 6 lbs at birth, I was adamant this would not do for this week either. He thought no one would know the weight, but I would.

The poor guy was getting very frustrated with this whole ordeal, but the third time was the charm and we ended up with a nice sized squash that was neither too small nor too heavy. And it was not oddly proportioned either. Thanks to Ryan for all his efforts in making this shoot the best it could be.

And now, presenting our lumpy squash baby:

As I mentioned, our baby is super lumpy. And the weirdest part is that it’s visible to others, even through my clothing. I don’t tend to flash the bare bulge at people since I have a hard time looking at it myself without a jaw-dropping reaction, but if I would, they would certainly see the action even more.

Also, as you can see, I’m still trying to stretch my non-maternity clothes for as long as possible. This one is on it’s last leg. Mmm, actually, it’s out. It rides above the bump unless I strategically place it. But I needed some variety for the photos – most of my winter outfits are long sweater-shirts or they are too bulky for this non-snowy, not-very-cold weather (we’re having a warm winter in the foothills so I need to save my sweater-sweaters for when it finally gets cold).

Anyway, tonight I’m off to the Midwest – w00t! I cannot wait to see everyone again…I can’t believe it’s been over a year!! I’m excited for a whirlwind trip full of parties/showers and hope to fit everything else in that I want to do, too. Like visiting JPs, Lake Michigan, my cousin’s baby boutique, my friends hair salon and meeting all my friends’ new babies. It’s weird that I haven’t met most of them, and they are almost all a year old now! All this growing up…it’s crazy.

Midwest bound!