At first I didn’t think I had much to say, but as I was remembering the events of this past week I realized a lot of things happened…but first, the photo.

This week’s pregnancy facts:

  • Well I just re-read in my Pregnancy Journal that “pregnancy is one of the three periods in a woman’s life when there seems to be a lowering of the ability to copy with the emotional experiences of life. The other two times are puberty and menopause.” Yep. I’m totally justified when I blame pregnancy hormones for all my feelings of insecurity, over-sensitivity and annoyance lately.
  • In other news…the belly is lower (I think) and heavier already so like the photo journal says, I’m wearing a belly support. So basically I feel really attractive.
  • Piggybacking that – I hate to admit it, but it’s working. Though I’m a bit sweaty while wearing it, this might not be such a hard summer. But still…HOT.
  • Piggybacking yet again, I’m the same weight as I was with Sonora at 29 weeks. However, this time I’ve only gained 17lbs whereas I started off too skinny with Sonora so I’d actually gained 27lbs by this point. But I still have two full months to go, and in the end with Sonora I had gained 40lbs. So yeah. Now do you understand why I’m still a bit nervous about the summer months? Just saying.
  • This week marked another significant milestone for New Baby – he/she can direct rhythmic breathing and control body temperature so if squee was born right now, his/her brain can stimulate breathing and sustain it without medical intervention. Woo! You go, kiddo.
  • Speaking of breathing…I finally took an infant/child CPR class on Sunday. I know that once I have two kiddos my attention will be split so choking, etc., will be something I’ll have to truly know how to deal with rather than just relying on my cheat sheets that I printed out from various sources. I feel prepared!
  • We also went on a hospital tour this week to check out the birthing digs. It wasn’t as close or as nice as our last one (not as new) but still very nice.
  • This baby likes to take up All The Space in my uterus. I feel like with Sonora, she favored my right side quite a lot more. Maybe I’m not remembering things correctly but either way, there are bumps and rolls all across my belly, all day and all night. I’m not sure what this means as far as newborn sleep patterns go or if this could be a foreshadowing into toddlerhood activeness, but we shall see…
  • Speaking of which, I got yet another massage this week. That makes 3 in 4 weeks. BUT…they are only $23 and the student clinic closes mid-June. So I’ve only got one more scheduled and then it’s back to my wonderful husband.
  • Oh! I almost forgot one. We have the best friends! They came over to hang out with Sonora for the night on Saturday so Ryan and I could go on a proper belated Mother’s Day date – a movie complete with movie theater popcorn and pop. So that was fun.

Whew. Well that was quite a bit more than I thought I had. But that’s all I’ve got. Check back this weekend to see if I get a daily life/Sunday photostrip post up. Probably not, but you might be pleasantly surprised.