So this week’s post is coming a little late because Ryan and I took a trip to Moab, Utah for a little babymoon getaway and just got back today! It was a lot of fun and we took way too many photos, as usual. But I’ll do another post on that later. We wanted to do a short adventure trip before baby H comes because I’m sure we’ll have our hands full in March. Plus, every mom out there has told me to do this and I think it’s best to take advice from the well-seasoned ladies. They know what they’re talking about.

Anyway, with more about the trip coming later, all I really have to show for this week is the bulging belly. Feel free to stare. I do. I am freakish…and have plenty more growing to do. *gulp*

Baby is getting heavier…almost three pounds! (and that’s why I look the way I do in this last photo…just in case you thought I was dropping our “baby” – um, no. not the case)

A couple fun new nicknames I have for the babe because of all the action going on inside are Lumpy and Kicky McGee. I literally have a lopsided stomach when “Lumpy” is on the move. And when “Kicky McGee” starts going to town, I have a hard time not clutching my stomach and gasping. It’s very distracting during a conversation. I also tend to say “aww, bay-bee” affectionately (like a real mom) when baby’s rolling around because I can feel SO MUCH now. Though it’s still hard to tell which body part because I’m not totally sure how baby’s positioned, I have a feeling it’s mostly knees and elbows with an occasional butt roll thrown in.

Well, here are a couple preview shots from our trip – I had some mini maternity sessions on the gorgeous red rocks.

Of course we had to have one of our “little Hart.” Also, I did not edit any of these – the rocks were literally that vibrant.

More where that came from later on.