I have a couple posts I want to share sans photos because, a) I think the photos of our cute daughter will just distract you from what I want to say and; b) I’d like to just write without having to bother with uploading and re-sizing photos, etc.

So I realized the other day when going through my blog archives that I never did a review of my 2012 New Year’s goals nor did I do a follow up post with my 2013 goals. But as I was reading last year’s, my mind was blown. To be honest, I never looked at my goals once after I wrote them. So it was totally God’s providence that they were met, and met more than I even expected. Throughout the entire year, He continuously answered our prayers and met all my goals without me even realizing just how much. Let’s review, shall we?

First goal: spiritual growth. Two miscarriages? Bam. Done. No, I did not want them AT ALL and hated the entire process of what was happening to my body, mind  and even my relationships. But it was God’s way to help bring me closer to Him. I know sometimes tragedies make people grow farther from God but for me they only make me grow closer because I know it’s out of my hands and there must be a reason for it. Sure enough, ever since I first found out in April that I’d miscarry (miscarried in May) I’ve been much more devoted to my prayer and devotion life. During my second one (early August-early September) I really, truly started practicing gratitude and now it continues to shape how I go about my life day by day. I constantly remind myself to stop a complaint before it comes out, or to be more patient, kind or empathetic to other people, and I try to be as vocal about my faith as I can. So yeah. It was met tenfold.

Second goal: be nicer to Ryan. This one is still a work in progress because of all my up-and-down mood swings over the course of my two miscarriages and my current pregnancy. Hormones, man. But I’ve been trying a lot harder not to focus on the negative/petty and just thank him for all he does for us, even the small stuff. Gratitude in practice.

Third goal: become more financially responsible. We started our Mint.com budget last year in January after Ryan officially got laid off. We knew we’d have to track where all our money was going since neither of us were on a salary anymore. Kind of a scary thing but we put the “what ifs” out of our minds and just stuck to a budget as best we could. One of the only ways we managed to feel more comfortable with our situation was that Signify BLEW UP last year with work. It was kind of nutty. And it’s still going strong – I love my clients!! I don’t want to throw numbers out, but let’s just say it was almost the equivalent to a normal design salary. !!!! We worked on more than 75 projects between the two of us (actually probably more like 100) which created a really nice safety net in case Ryan couldn’t get a job this year. Again, God met us where we were at.

Fourth goal: meal plan. Yep, did this. But I really only did it consistently during the summer. Not to beat a dead horse, but when I was pregnant with my two “non babies” I still got pregnancy sickness, nausea and lack of appetite. So there were spans of time where I didn’t even feel like grocery shopping. BUT, for a good month at a time during each season I would meal plan for every week. It really helped keep our finances in order in that department and if we had extra left over for the month we got to go out to eat so I tried REALLY hard to stay under, haha. I love food but I love food prepared for me more.

Final goal: get Signify more social. I don’t really like to use social media to pepper my followers too much (I save that for my personal page, AHAHAHA!) but I did manage to send out a few statuses a month and update my portfolio a bit, keeping Signify’s name circulating and giving updates with what was happening throughout the year. I think it was a good balance.

So that’s it. My goals were met without me really even thinking about them. But God totally gets all the credit! And that’s what amazes me. He was working on our behalf without us even being fully aware of it at the time.

I don’t really have goals for this year yet, I just thought that was too cool not to share.