I’ve had a lot of posts half-written in my head but never got a chance to type them out to even form a draft. So. Here we are. Brain dump!

Random things I wanted to write about:

  • Last week it was cold and Sonora was sick but we’d been cooped up inside for two days and we needed to do something. It was semi-nice out but I was feeling lazy so I asked Sonora if she wanted to go to Target and pick out a toy and she shook her head “no.” Instead she said, “Park. Walk. So-na.” which obviously was a MUCH better (and cheaper) idea. This kid…sentences!! AND great ideas! I’m amazed.
  • Speaking of shopping – I AM ADDICTED TO THRIFTING! We have a few really good stores around us and I have been going once a week “just to look” and come home with at least $10 spent, but with 2-3x as many things. Saturdays are 50% off two of my favorite stores so it’s extra fun to go then. I’ve scored some awesome Christmas and birthday gifts for Sonora and some fabulous toddler shoes, of course. I’d say it’s way more fun giving than receiving and that’s why I can get away with it but since she’s my daughter…I’m basically just buying it for myself. So. Yeah. That saying doesn’t apply. And I’m a confessed shop-o-holic.
  • Other things she says” mama. eat. too” / “mama sit.” / “sadie walk too” (she said that on the park day mentioned above) / “mee-tins on. cold. yay!”
  • I’m thinking about joining Women’s Bible Study Fellowship, an international Bible study. Apparently, if there is room, there is also a Bible study/day care for the kiddos, too, which will be a great social activity for Sonora. There is one at a church a few miles away so I’ll have to check it out when we’ve recovered from our colds. Would hate to start things off on the wrong foot by getting everyone and their kids sick.
  • I thought about signing Sonora up for gymnastics but pretty sure the one we’d go to would just require me to help her do everything so why would I want to pay for that? Silly. We can do somersaults here.
  • We’ve been lacking things to do around here due to sickness and cold weather so one day last week I stocked up on art supplies (Playdoh, finger paint and stickers…in addition to her crayons and sidewalk chalk) and we play with all but the finger paints every day. I found a bunch of ABC animal coloring pages (A is in the shape of an alligator, etc) online a while back and she’s been coloring her way through the alphabet.
  • Other things we do: one day I wrapped some random stuff around the house for Sonora to unwrap, seeing as she was trying to get into other people’s presents. We’ve also started playing with finger puppets more. And of course…books! Lots of reading happening in these parts, especially now that she’s memorizes the pages and wants to read them to ME.
  • Sometimes, if we’re feeling up to it,  just to get out of the house we head to the library (the last story hour of this year was last week…sad) the thrift store or just go get some groceries. But I have to say that tv has become our best friend lately. Not proud of it, but I can’t say I feel that bad about it…Elmo and Baby Einstein (she still likes these, ha!) are educational at least.
  • …weeeellll, we also watch The Muppets, especially Christmas Letters to Santa since it’s almost Christmas, and she pretty much knows all the characters – “Piggy”, “Ker-met/Poggy” (poggy = froggy) and “Fossy” are the ones she says most. And she calls her finger puppet frog (or as she says, “pog”), “Ker-met” which makes me happy because it’s so darn cute.
  • Sonora sings songs and is memorizing her books more and more. Here is one of her songs: “Jesus. Me. Sigh no. Bi-boh so. Leeto. Hem. Wong (belong). Weak. Song. Yes. Jesus. Me. Sigh no…” and she’ll never actually finish the song unless we help her out, she just keeps repeating the first lines until she says “yay!” or “done!”. The second is: “tinkoh. sar. up. bove. whirl. high. wahner. are.” I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

Okay so I think that’s all I wanted to write about. Here are some belated Sunday photostrip photos that I actually had prepared on Saturday but never got the chance to post.

Queen of the blanket fort! (don't mind her weird static toddler mullet)

She didn't quite understand the blanket fort wasn't solid...she kept trying to crawl on top of it.

So she settled for some blanket snuggles with her favorite big blanket. She says it's so "sawf" (it's not even as soft as the other blankets we have but I think she just likes the texture)

Cute outfit / More snuggles / Bike riding on the deck...because I was still in my pajamas


As you can see, it was really nice one day two weeks ago (70s?) so we continued our outside fun with some bubble painting.

Focused on her art.

December 8. This is when Sonora got sick. Also: always has a necklace around her neck.

And there was a huge gap where I didn’t take photos for a few days because she was so sick that all we did was lie around and watch tv.

December 12. This is when I started to get sick. Trying to think of ways to play while lying down, heh.

"B" is for butterfly.

Coloring! Yay!

"Cuh-woh. Yay!"

Crunching in leftover snow / "Pain? Wallow?" - Sonora. "You want to paint with water? Do you want bubbles, too?" - Me. She then said a matter-of-fact, "Yeah." <3

Play doh in progress. And finally the Pampered Chef cookie cutters are being used for the first time in 7 years!

She's a swinging fool again lately. So we both bundle up and do a Daddy game called, "Aaaand....GO!" where we say "aaand" until she yells "GO!"

Hopefully next up…Daddy games! I have a bunch already written so it’s just a post waiting to be published.

Have a great week! Share any ideas you have about indoor activities, especially ones that don’t require a lot of energy for all these sick days…I’d love to hear them.