This past weekend was sooo warm – it was 85 degrees! I actually almost started sweating. And this coming weekend the pool opens, hooray! They’ve been leaving it uncovered for the past two weeks in order to get it warm, but I have a feeling it’s still going to give a shock to my system because self-heated pools are never really very warm. But it will be oh so refreshing!

Anyway…onto our weekend fun. Well, actually, before our weekend began, Thursday evening Ryan and I took a little hike up NTM to scope out some rock climbing routes. Since it was such a perfect day, there were a ton of climbers climbing closely side by side, with hardly a route left open on the south-facing wall. There were literally people around every bend and it was a little crazy – like a clan of Spiderpeople scaling the rock walls. We chatted with a few climbers to find out some info for personal reasons as well as for my most recent article – getting us anxious to make the climb ourselves – and also got a great lay of the land and the Coors factory.

Always ready and anxious for a hike!

Making our way up the rocky path.

A handsome silhouette.


It's not the most attractive, but it's just so huge!

Nice backlighting.

As featured in my article.

On Saturday, we did some more shopping and also got some Chinese food at the mall where I found this hilarious gem of a fortune in my fortune cookie:

Bad for business

And I got my flowers for the season! My containers look beautiful so I hope that growing plants in Colorado isn’t too different from the Midwest because I jam-packed them in their containers, as always.

That evening we were invited to two birthday parties – one for our Chicago friend, Lisa, and the other for a small group friend, Kevin – so we did some party hopping. We chatted with some cool new peeps at Lisa’s party, and Sadie also met a new little friend named Oscar who kept licking her face all night – he was a Yorkie, too, and they were adorable running around together. After eating some delicious beer-soaked brats and homemade potato salad, we did a dine and dash off to our next party where we played putt putt and then got dessert at the nearby Rio Grande. Yum! Actually, our conglomeration of food was quite bizarre – we of course got the chips and salsa Mexican restaurants always serve, along with our order of sopapillas, margaritas and Mexican coffee. And then a refill of chips and salsa to end our late night gut-rot dining experience. But hey, salty and sweet work for me.

Sunday we were planning to do our first “real” hike of the season in Arapaho National Forest, but our plans got trumped by our dear friends Meghan and Greg who had the finale of LOST to watch at 6pm and were afraid our hike would go too long. But that was okay because it probably still would have been a bit chilly up at 13,000 feet and besides, they showed us a great little local staple hike up the scenic Mt. Falcon. While the walking paths weren’t quite our idea of a hike, the castle ruins and spectacular views made up for it! And my legs were still sore the next day, which means two things: I did get a workout and I’m still out of shape. Hmm.

Learning about the castle ruins of John Brisben Walker.

It would have been a sweet castle to live in.

View of Red Rocks from the hiking path.

Enjoying the view of Denver.

The foundations of the second castle built (but not completed) for the President's summer home.

So hopefully we’ll get to go on our original hike this Memorial Day weekend because it’s supposedly a great wildflower hike with the destination being some mountain lakes – my favorite! And as we could tell from our jaunt on Sunday, we all still need some conditioning (Sadie included) before we do a more intense hike or backpacking trip this summer. But until my next weekend update, you can read some gold nuggets from this past Sunday’s message.