Remember how I said the weather here keeps us on our toes? No more evidence of that than the past few days. One morning we wake up to sunshine and not a cloud in the sky, and the next thing we know, there are flurries that last for hours and nearly bury us in our homes. The roads got so bad on Tuesday night that it took 15 minutes of spinning tires, reversing, circling and sliding around before we were able to get out of the church parking lot. But there was more in store for us. On our way back home, we battled whiteout conditions and had to dodge several stopped cars in the middle of the road in an effort to keep up our speed so we wouldn’t have to join the 10 other abandoned vehicles along the side of the 5-mile stretch of road. Literally and at least 10…I tried to count in the midst of the tension-filled 30-minute ride that normally takes 12 minutes but I may have missed a few when I closed my eyes to pray a brief prayer of safety. I didn’t want to have to get out and walk in that – it was really coming down! Thankfully, the old Camry came through for us despite its snow-ridden tires and almost complete loss of traction. I honestly don’t know how, but it did.

BUT, once we were safely tucked in our home, we awoke the next morning to sunshine, blue skies and snow-covered mountains. I can deal with 45 minutes of terrible when I’m rewarded with that.

Here’s a look at our weather in pictures:

Friday afternoon after our second big snow storm of the year

Saturday afternoon enjoying the bright sunshine and diminishing snow

Monday afternoon on my leisurely (hot) walk around Clear Creek

Snow nearly gone and seeing the springtime green...

...and it being covered once again on Tuesday night

Woke up to 12-16" drifts on Wednesday morning

And Mr. Sunshine melting it away again Wednesday afternoon near the spa

The slow-driving, snow-covered roads in the morning were a thing of the past by afternoon

It’s been very interesting to see the weather shift so suddenly and with such dramatic swings, but as they say…if you don’t like Colorado weather today, just wait until tomorrow.